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Welcome to Never Ending Voyage

We are Simon Fairbairn & Erin McNeaney, a couple who sold everything we owned and left the UK in 2010 to travel the world forever.

With just a carry-on size backpack each we’ve been slow travelling our way around the world as digital nomads, earning a living on the road by creating iPhone apps for travellers at Voyage Travel Apps and from this travel blog. Read more about us.

Best carry-on backpacks for digital nomads: Tortuga & Osprey Farpoint 40If you are a first time traveller or aspiring digital nomad, we’ll help you gain the courage to take the leap with our practical tips and inspiring travel stories.

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Travel Gear and Packing Light

Our backpacks

We highly recommend travelling with carry-on luggage only. I have written a book, The Carry-On Traveller: The Ultimate Guide to Packing Light (available on Amazon US and Amazon UK), which shares all my tips.

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Slow Travel

Simon meeting a local in BurmaWe are slow travellers. We value experiences over sights—participating in ordinary daily activities and connecting with a place through its food, people and culture, delving deeper into one destination rather than rushing through many. Read our Slow Travel Manifesto for more about the slow travel philosophy and how you can apply it even on short trips.

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Being a Digital Nomad

Simon working at our beach villa on Koh Lanta, Thailand

As digital nomads we can work from anywhere we have an internet connection. We share the ups and downs of working while travelling and offer tips to help you get started.

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Travel Finances

Japanese money

Don’t let a lack of money stop you travelling. Read these tips on how to afford to travel, and our reports on exactly how much we spend in each place.

We track our travel expenses with our iOS app Trail Wallet. We designed it especially for travellers so you can set a daily or trip budget, enter expenses in multiple currencies, and see which categories are eating up your cash on the pie chart. Join over 80,000 other travellers and download it here (it’s free for up to 25 items).

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Thai Banana Flower Salad

Food is our favourite way to connect with a new culture and we are always on the search for the best vegetarian food around the world, and love to take cooking classes and food tours to learn more.

Vegetarian food around the world:

Cooking courses and food tours:

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Selling Everything You Own

We did it and have never looked back.

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Burmese man

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Beach villa on Koh Lanta, Thailand

Our favourite accommodation is apartments but we also love family-run guesthouses, luxury boutique hotels, treehouses, and housesitting. We share our tips on the best places to stay.

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White Temple, Chiang Rai, Thailand

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Illustrated Guides

Simon gets creative.

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