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Simon and Erin of Never Ending Voyage in the Maldives

We are Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney, a digital nomad couple who sold everything we owned and left the UK in 2010 to travel the world indefinitely.

With just a carry-on-size backpack each we’ve been slow travelling our way around the world earning a living on the road by creating iPhone apps and from this travel blog.

We write in-depth travel guides to help you plan your perfect trip to both popular and off-the-beaten-track destinations. We share tips on packing light, the best vegetarian food we find along the way, and the ups and downs of nomadic life. 

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How We Became Digital Nomads

In 2008 we spent a year travelling around India, South East Asia, Australia, the South Pacific and the US and we experienced more in that year than we had in the previous ten. We met some wonderful people, saw some amazing places and did some incredible things. It was awe-inspiring and beautiful and frustrating and scary and exciting – it was everything but dull.

On our return to the UK, we found it very difficult to get back into the routine that we’d left. The mortgage, the bills, the car, our accumulated junk, the tedious repetitiveness of the nine to five – having experienced the vastness of the world and all of the opportunity out there, we struggled to fit back into business as usual.

So we decided to head off again, but this time we left for good. We sold everything we owned, quit our jobs, rented out our house and headed out to play dice with destiny.

Our Journey So Far

Namibia travel: Climbing Big Daddy Sand Dune at Sossusvlei

Climbing Big Daddy sand dune in Namibia

We left the UK on 1st March 2010 with a one-way ticket to Rio de Janeiro. We spent the first year in South America and since then have visited Asia, Europe, Africa, Central and North America, and the Middle East.

We’ve had countless incredible experiences over the years. Highlights include getting up close to lions and leopards on safari in South Africa, climbing huge sand dunes and kayaking with baby seals in Namibia, learning to sail a yacht in Malaysia, riding a hot air balloon ride over otherworldly Cappadocia in Turkey, falling in love with Japan, eating our way around Italy and working it off with a hike up an active volcano, snorkelling with turtles in Mexico (and releasing baby turtles into the sea), staying in an overwater bungalow in the Maldives, visiting most of the Disney parks in the world, running a half-marathon in California wine country, and so much more!

We love good food, responsible wildlife encounters, snorkelling, train journeys, road trips, riding motorbikes and horses, not-too-long hikes, and special places to stay. Our favourite way to explore a city (or best of all, an Italian hilltown) is by aimless wandering with frequent breaks for eating. 

You can see where we’ve been and read about our experiences on our Destinations page.

Erin and Simon at Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai

Us washing elephants at the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand

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