26 Best Things to Do at Disney World: Must Do Rides for Adults in Each Park

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Disney World can indeed be the most magical place in the world. At its best it’s pure, stress-free fun and a blissful escape from the real world.

To make the most of a trip to Disney and avoid long queues, you need to plan in advance.

Prioritize the attractions you most want to do and ride them first thing in the morning or use the new paid Lightning Lanes. A little planning makes Disney much more enjoyable.

Disney World in Orlando, Florida has four main parks: Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios. Each one is very different and I recommend dedicating at least one full day to each park.

Below I have listed the best Disney World rides not to miss in each park, as well as a strategy to help you avoid queues and our favourite places to eat.

I’ve focused on the best things to do at Disney World for adults and older kids, but many of these are suitable for the whole family.


Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom is one of the best things to do at Disney World Florida
Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

2022 Changes at Disney World

There have been many changes at Disney World over the last few years, but the parks are now mostly operating as normal. Check the Disney website for the latest updates. 

The main changes to be aware of are:

  • You must make a reservation to visit a park using the Disney Park Pass Reservation System on their website.
  • If you have a park hopper ticket, you can only visit the second park after 2pm.
  • Masks are no longer required anywhere in the parks.
  • FastPasses have been replaced with Genie+ (see below for details).
  • Extra Magic Hours have been replaced with Early Theme Park Entry, which gives Disney Resort guests a 30-minute early entry to each park every day.

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Video of Best Disney World Rides

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How to Avoid Queues at Disney World

There are two main ways to avoid long queues on the best rides at Disney World. By using them we rarely queue for more than 15 minutes (30 minutes is our maximum). 

Arrive Early

The first is to arrive at parks at least 30 minutes before the official opening time (which you can check on the Disney World website) to be near the front of the queue waiting to get in.

For the first hour of the day, you can get on most rides without much queuing. 

If you are staying at a Disney resort, you can enter every park every day 30 minutes early—definitely take advantage of this. I recommend arriving 60 minutes before the official park opening as they sometimes let guests in early.

In addition, if you are staying at a Deluxe Disney resort, you can stay late at select parks on certain days.

Check this Disney World crowd calendar for the best days to visit each park. 

Use Lightning Lanes and Genie+

The second way to avoid queues, even if you don’t arrive early, is to use Disney’s Lightning Lanes. These replaced the FastPass+ system.

Lightning Lanes are a way to skip the queue by choosing the next available time to go on select Disney World rides.

Access to Lightning Lanes is primarily via a new paid service called Genie+ which you can buy from the My Disney Experience app for $15 per ticket per day (or include it when you purchase your park ticket).

Ride reservations can be made on the app. They can only be made on the day (from 7am) and you can only book one at a time. As soon as you tap into the ride, or after 120 minutes has passed, you can select your next ride.

You can only use Genie+ for each ride once.

The two most popular rides in each park are not included in the $15 bundle. Instead, line-skipping for these is priced individually (called Individual Lightning Lanes) and the cost varies depending on demand. They can be purchased from the app at park opening or at 7am for resort guests.

While Genie+ is a service that’s worth paying for, especially for Magic Kingdom, you should be able to avoid paying for individual attractions by arriving early and riding them first.

Below I’ve included recommendations for Genie+ priority rides.

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Wheelchair Access for Disney Rides

Most of these Disney World rides are accessible for guests in wheelchairs or ECVs (Electric Conveyance Vehicles), although many require transfer from a wheelchair to the ride vehicle. 

On the Disney website, you can see this list of services for guests with mobility disabilities which shows which rides are accessible for wheelchair users.

This guide to going on Disney rides in a wheelchair is also useful and answers common questions. 

Wheelchairs and ECVs can be hired at all the parks on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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Best Rides at Magic Kingdom

If you only have time for one park at Disney World, make it Magic Kingdom. It’s the most classic Disney park with the fairytale castle and famous characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The best attractions at Magic Kingdom for adults are the three mountains. I haven’t included any Fantasyland rides below as they are aimed at small children, and the queues for rides like Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh are usually very long and not worth it to us.

The most popular ride of all is the gentle rollercoaster, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. We rode it once and enjoyed it, but we don’t think it’s worth the very long queues.

If you really want to ride it, head there first thing (but everyone else will be doing the same and it gets a bit crazy), wait until the very end of the day, or purchase Individual Lightning Lane access (currently $10-12).

1) Space Mountain

Magic Kingdom’s most thrilling ride is a high-speed rollercoaster in the dark with plenty of twists and turns (but no inversions or large drops).

As you fly through the galaxy you never know what’s coming next.

We often ride this first thing and it’s quite the way to wake up!

It’s indoors inside a mammoth futuristic structure, and there are interactive games to keep you occupied in the queue (which we never have time to use as it’s usually quiet after park opening).

Space Mountain is definitely a Disney World must do. 

2) Thunder Mountain

Thunder Mountain is a fun outdoor rollercoaster in Frontierland, which is our favourite area of the park with its Wild West theme.

It’s not as wild as Space Mountain, but we love the theming—you’re on a runaway mine train during the Gold Rush—and the views of the park.

3) Splash Mountain

Splash Mountain is one of the best things to do at Disney World in the Magic Kingdom park

We have a real soft spot for cheery Splash Mountain, and it’s certainly one of the best rides at Disney World on a hot day.

This leisurely log flume ride tells the story of Br’er Rabbit who goes off in search of adventure with Br’er Bear and Br’er Fox in pursuit.

The ride is mostly inside with cute animatronic characters and catchy songs, before going outside for a fun drop down a five-story waterfall.

We don’t usually get soaked, but it is possible if you’re sitting in the wrong seat at the wrong time.

There are rarely queues for Splash Mountain in the morning or evening and we usually ride it multiple times.

Recommended Reading: See our Disney trip costs and money saving tips in our post on planning a trip to Disney World on a budget.

4) Pirates of the Caribbean

Bride auction on Pirates of the Caribbean which is one of the best rides at Magic Kingdom
The Pirates of the Caribbean ride no longer includes this bride auction!

Pirates of the Caribbean is a gentle indoor cruise through scenes of a pirate raid from the bombardment of a fortress to debauchery after the victory. 

Every time we ride it we notice new details. The films were inspired by this classic ride and you can now see an animatronic figure of Captain Jack Sparrow.

5) Haunted Mansion

A slow ride through a haunted estate full of ghosts and ghouls. It’s fun (and often humorous) rather than scary with lots of spooky details and special effects to enjoy.

The queue features interactive elements like a musical crypt, so a slightly longer wait here is fine.

6) Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin

On this Toy Story themed interactive ride, you shoot targets with laser cannons and earn points as your spinning car (you control the spin) makes its way through the scenes.

It’s not as good as the similar ride at Hollywood Studios, but Simon still wanted to ride it again to beat his score.

The Best of the Rest at Magic Kingdom

Once you’ve got the main rides out of the way, one of the best things to do at Magic Kingdom is just wander, soak up the atmosphere, and pop into one of the random shows and attractions that rarely have long waits.

If you are wondering what to do at Disney World when you’re feeling hot and exhausted, I recommend musical shows like the Enchanted Tiki Room, Country Bear Jamboree (which is surprisingly racy!), and Mickey’s PhilharMagic. You won’t need to wait for long and they are perfect when you need a break.

We also love having a picnic on Tom Sawyer’s Island, clambering up the Swiss Family Treehouse, and getting on the water on the pun-tastic Jungle Cruise or the leisurely Liberty Square Riverboat.

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover takes you behind the scenes of Tomorrowland’s attractions and is especially lovely at sunset when you can see the park from above. We enjoy taking the Railroad around the park in the afternoon when we’re feeling tired.

Finishing the day with the Magic Kingdom fireworks above the castle is a Disney World must do.

Best Genie+ Rides at Magic Kingdom

If you’ve purchased Genie+ for Magic Kingdom (which is worth doing), I would prioritise Thunder Mountain, Buzz Lightyear and Space Mountain.

Other popular selections are Jungle Cruise (which was revamped in 2021), Peter Pan’s Flight, Splash Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates.

Where to Eat at Magic Kingdom

We’re only eaten at the cheaper quick-service restaurants at Magic Kingdom.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn in Frontierland is our top pick for eating at Disney World on a budget as they have a huge free toppings bar where you can liven up your meal with salsas, cheese, jalapeños, pickles, and lettuce (update: the toppings bar is currently unavailable).

The veggie nachos and veggie rice bowl with beans and vegetables are pretty tasty once you’ve added the toppings. Save time by ordering on the Disney app.

Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square is another good option. We enjoyed the hummus and broccoli slaw sandwich and vegetarian chilli.

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Best Rides at Animal Kingdom

With the addition of Pandora – The World of Avatar in 2017, Animal Kingdom has become one of the most enjoyable parks at Disney World.

There are fewer major attractions than at other parks, but this makes for a more relaxing experience (with fewer queues), and there’s still plenty to do.

7) Avatar Flight of Passage

The view in the queue for Avatar Flight of Passage, one of the best things to do at Disney World Florida
The view in the queue for Avatar Flight of Passage

Avatar Flight of Passage is by far the most popular ride at Animal Kingdom and this unique experience is a Disney must do.

Queues were up to three hours when we visited, so it’s essential to arrive before the park opens or pay for an Individual Lightning Lane (currently $11-14). You could also try midday when queues can sometimes ease off.

We arrived 30 minutes before Extra Magic Hours opening (they let us in early) and only had to wait 25 minutes.

Flight of Passage is well worth the wait and the beautiful queue and fun pre-show are part of the experience. This may be Disney’s best ride yet.

It’s an exhilarating 3D flight simulator ride where you fly on the back of a dragon-like banshee. You can feel it breathe beneath you as you soar over the extraordinary Pandora world through forests and waterfalls.

While flying over the ocean a whale even jumps out of the water and splashes you. It’s magical and incredibly immersive.

While it’s not necessary, I’m glad I watched the Avatar movie before we went on the ride.

8) Na’vi River Journey

The second Avatar ride is not as spectacular, and the queues can be long, but it’s worth doing if you don’t have to wait over an hour.

Na’vi River Journey is a peaceful river ride in the dark through a bioluminescent rainforest.

It’s a beautiful world with plenty to see, and the graceful Shaman of Songs is Disney’s most life-like animatronic character yet.

9) Kilimanjaro Safari

Seeing a lion on Kilimanjaro Safari, one of the best things to do at Disney World Orlando
Seeing a lion on Kilimanjaro Safari

On Kilimanjaro Safari you board a jeep to head out into Disney’s safari park to see real live animals.

It’s best first thing in the morning (we went after Flight of Passage and didn’t wait) when the animals are more active and the queues shorter.

The guides are genuinely informative and we got to see elephants, lions, giraffe, rhinos, and cheetahs.

10) Expedition Everest

Expedition Everest is one of the best rides at Animal Kingdom in Disney World Orlando

Expedition Everest is a fast rollercoaster train that speeds through the Himalayan mountains trying to avoid the mythic Abominable Snowman. 

The details in the queue (and in the whole Asian area of the park) reminded us so much of Nepal.

There’s a single rider line that’s much quicker, so Simon usually rides it a couple of extra times by himself.

11) Kali River Rapids

Kali River Rapids, one of the best rides at Animal Kingdom in Disney World Florida

This whitewater rafting ride is fairly gentle with a few thrilling drops. The fun is in the nervousness over whether you’ll get just wet (as everyone does) or truly soaked (as about one person per raft does).

The Best of the Rest at Animal Kingdom

If you have time, the Dinosaur ride is surprisingly scary and was empty at the end of the day.

There are many attractions at Animal Kingdom that don’t have queues. It’s well worth walking the informative Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail and Maharajah Jungle Trek to see gorillas, tigers, and many other animals.

Our favourite show is It’s Tough to be a Bug, and it’s also worth seeing the Festival of the Lion King and Feathered Friends in Flight. There’s plenty of street entertainment going on all day, too.

In the evening, don’t miss the Tree of Life Awakening (every 10 minutes after dark), Rivers of Light show, and wandering through Pandora.

Best Genie+ Rides at Animal Kingdom

Genie+ is less useful at Animal Kingdom as there are fewer rides.

Your Genie+ priority should be Na’vi River Journey followed by Kilimanjaro Safari and Expedition Everest. Kali River Rapids and Dinosaur only really need it on busy days.

Unfortunately, Avatar Flight of Passage is only available if you pay individually. I recommend arriving early and riding it first.

Where to Eat at Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has the most vegetarian-friendly food in all of Disney World and there are lots of options. For breakfast we love to share a giant Mickey cinnamon roll at Kusafiri Bakery.

On our latest trip, as it was Simon’s birthday, we had lunch offsite at Sanaa restaurant in the nearby Animal Kingdom Lodge. You can watch giraffe and zebras wandering past as you eat and the Indian food is delicious (but pricey).

Delicious Indian bread service at Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge
Delicious Indian bread service at Sanaa

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Best Rides at Epcot

We always start the day at Epcot thinking there’s not much to do, then end up running out of time.

World Showcase has pavilions representing 11 countries with shows, shops, and restaurants. The other part of the park (previously known as Future World) features the most rides including a few popular new attractions.

12) Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Epcot’s newest ride, Guardians of the Galaxy, debuted in May 2022 and we can’t wait to try it.

This Marvel-themed rollercoaster is a thrilling dark ride as you head out on an intergalactic chase through space and time. 

It’s one of the largest fully-enclosed coasters in the world and features a unique reverse launch, a fun soundtrack, and of course, all the characters you love from the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. 

As it’s a smoother ride than most coasters and doesn’t have major drops, it’s suitable for most thrill levels. 

Even the queue sounds intriguing as it takes you through the Galaxarium, a planetarium-like exhibition where you can compare Xandar and Earth’s galaxies.

You can’t just turn up and queue for Guardians of the Galaxy. You must either pay for Lightning Lane access or join the free virtual queue on the My Disney Experience app. 

The rules for the virtual queue may change, but currently, you have two chances to join the queue at 7am and 1pm on the day of your visit. There’s also a 6pm time slot for guests staying in deluxe resorts on Extended Evening Hours days (currently Mondays). 

Be sure to have the app ready in advance (and perhaps do a test run the day before) because places run out in seconds. 

This is now certainly one of the top things to do at Disney World, so don’t miss it. 

13) Soarin’ Around the World

Soarin’ is a wonderfully relaxing hand gliding ride where you soar above the world and see famous sights like the Great Wall of China, Iguazu Falls, and Sydney Harbour. It’s my favourite ride at Epcot.

14) Test Track

Simon designing our car at Test Track, one of the best rides at Epcot in Disney World Florida
Simon designing our car at Test Track

Test Track is unique because you design your own vehicle, choosing to prioritise power or efficiency or responsiveness, before taking it for a high-speed test ride.

There’s a quicker single rider queue for Test Track, but you miss the design stage, so I’d only use it for a repeat ride.

15) Mission: SPACE

Mission Space, one of the best things to do at Disney World in the Epcot park

If you’ve ever wanted to be an astronaut, this space shuttle simulator is for you.

The Orange Mission is intense as you experience the real feel of a space launch as you rocket to Mars and dodge meteorites. The g-forces are incredibly realistic and unlike anything we’ve experienced before.

The Green Mission is a less intense ride without spinning where you orbit the earth.

16) Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth is inside Epcot's iconic geosphere and is one of the best Epcot rides at Disney World
Spaceship Earth is inside Epcot’s iconic geosphere

Spaceship Earth is a gentle journey exploring the history of communication from the Stone Age to the computer age.

After the ride there are interactive games and displays in Project Tomorrow—it’s areas like these that mean Epcot takes longer than you expect.

17) Frozen Ever After

This took over the old Norway ride and follows the same route. It’s a must for Frozen fans with excellent animatronics of Elsa and friends as you slowly ride a Norwegian vessel through the wintery world of the popular movie.

It’s currently included in Genie+.

18) Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure opened in the France Pavilion of World Showcase in October 2021. We’ve ridden the same attraction at Disneyland Paris and loved it, so it is definitely now one of the best things to do at Epcot.

This exhilarating 4D ride is based on the Ratatouille movie—you feel like you’ve been shrunk to Chef Remy’s size as you whizz around the bustling kitchen and restaurant in Paris.

It debuted with a virtual queue, but it now has a regular standby line—this is probably the best ride to head to as soon as the park opens. Or it’s now included in Genie+.

The Best of the Rest at Epcot

You can follow Nemo on The Seas and visit the aquarium afterwards. Living with the Land and Journey into Imagination are also worth doing.

In the afternoon, heading over to World Showcase is a must do Disney experience.

You don’t have to worry about queues here—just make your way around the different countries, eat and drink your way around the world, and pop into any of the shows that take your fancy.

Impressions de France is very pretty. The American Adventure is also a must-see.

Best Genie+ Rides at Epcot

Genie+ is less useful at Epcot unless you are park hopping.

In order of priority, I would choose Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, Frozen, Test Track, and then Soarin’.

Where to Eat at Epcot

Eating and drinking your way around the world is part of the fun at Epcot and there’s plenty to choose from.

On our last visit, we had a late lunch at San Angel Inn in Mexico. It was fun to have a romantic candlelit meal under the stars overlooking a river, temple, and volcano.

San Angel Inn, one of the best Epcot restaurants at Disney World Orlando

The vegetarian options looked rather boring, but we shared the guacamole and Plato Vegetariano (sautéed vegetables and black beans with tortillas) and it was delicious.

We also loved their range of interesting margaritas, especially the Wild One with ginger liqueur and passion fruit and mango purée.

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Best Rides at Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios has two of our favourite Disney World rides, and we love the Hollywood theming of this movie-focused park.

There have been some exciting changes at Hollywood Studios. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is the newest land and opened in 2019. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is the newest ride and opened in March 2020.

19) Twilight Zone Tower of Terror

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the best things to do at Disney World and a top ride at Hollywood Studios

Tower of Terror is a Disney classic and is brilliant (and different) every time we ride it—it’s probably our favourite Disney ride.

The theming of the abandoned hotel is exceptionally detailed and atmospheric, and there’s nothing like the anticipation as you ascend in the elevator and wait for it to plummet.

20) Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster

The famous large guitar outside Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster, the most exciting ride at Hollywood Studios, Disney World

Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster is one of the best things to do in Disney World for thrill-seekers.

It’s the scariest rollercoaster at Disney with a fun introduction (you join Aerosmith on a race to their gig), super-fast launch, and fun inversions. 

There’s a single rider queue which saves time, so Simon rides this one again and again. It’s one of the best rides at Disney World for adults. 

21) Slinky Dog Dash

Slinky Dog Dash is a colourful new rollercoaster at Hollywood Studios, Disney World Florida

Toy Story Land opened at Hollywood Studios in 2018, and its main ride, the Slinky Dog Dash, is one of the most popular attractions at the park.

It’s a gentle outdoor rollercoaster designed to look like Andy built it out of Tinkertoys. It’s fun but I wouldn’t queue too long for it.

Ideally, ride this with Genie+ or head there as soon as the park opens.

22) Toy Story Mania!

Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios, Disney World

This is a much better, 4D version of the interactive Toy Story game at Magic Kingdom where you rack up points by shooting in carnival games.

23) Star Tours

Head into space on a 3D, motion-simulated space flight to popular destinations from Star Wars. Each ride is different so it’s a good one to repeat.

24) Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

Hollywood Studios’ most popular ride (which opened in December 2019), is in the new Star Wars land.

This immersive, interactive ride takes you to the distant planet of Batuu where you join the Resistance in an epic battle against the First Order.

We haven’t ridden it yet, but it’s supposed to be Disney’s most ambitious ride yet, and we’re very excited to experience it. 

You used to only be able to ride this using the virtual queue on the Disney app, but there is now a regular standby line (or you can pay around $15 to skip the queue). It’s currently quietest in the evenings.

25) Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run

Star Wars fans will also want to ride the new Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run.

On this interactive experience, you fly the Millennium Falcon on a smuggling mission as the pilot, engineer or gunner.

26) Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is Hollywood Studios’ newest ride and opened in March 2020. 

This trackless dark ride takes you into the world of cartoons with Goofy driving your train. It’s charming and fun with unexpected twists and is suitable for all ages. 

The Best of the Rest at Hollywood Studios

There are some good shows at Hollywood Studios including Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular, Muppet Vision 3D, and Beauty and the Beast (the latter is not a must-see but good for a break).

It’s worth staying after dark for the Fantasmic show using pyrotechnics, water, laser lights, and fireworks.

Best Genie+ Rides at Hollywood Studios

Genie+ is useful at Hollywood Studios. The Genie+ priority is definitely Slinky Dog Dash—you may need to book at 7am to get a good return time and they can sell out.

After that, I’d choose Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, Tower of Terror, Rock ’n’ Roller Coaster, and Toy Story Mania.

Star Wars Rise of the Resistance is only available as a paid Lightning Lane. It’s worth considering paying for, but passes can sell out early.

Note that wait times at Hollywood Studios peak in the morning, so if you can stay until the evening (or park hop), you’ll have shorter queues.

Where to Eat at Hollywood Studios

The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater is one of the best restaurants at Hollywood Studios at Disney World Orlando
The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater at Hollywood Studios

The food at Hollywood Studios tends to be more junky than at other parks and we usually end up getting pizza. On our last visit we enjoyed lunch at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater instead.

We got a table without a reservation but had to wait 40 minutes in the bar next door which has a surprisingly good selection of craft beers.

The restaurant is very cool—a huge space set up like a drive-in with a starry sky, vintage cars which you sit in to eat, and a screen showing 60s cartoons and movie clips. We enjoyed the tofu lettuce wraps and falafel burger.

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Simon and Erin of Never Ending Voyage at the Magic Kingdom Castle in Disney World Florida

After three visits to Disney World Orlando as adults, we can attest that the magic is still alive!

I hope our round-up of the top things to do at Disney World has helped you prioritize your time in the parks. Make sure you do some advance planning, arrive early, and have fun!

If you are wondering how much a trip to Disney World costs, we share our expenses in our post on visiting Disney World on a budget including lots of tips to save money and still have an amazing trip. 

You can also see our guides for adults visiting Disneyland California, Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disneyland, and DisneySea Tokyo.

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  1. Hi Erin,

    I may have missed it in the post, however could you provide some detail about the Star Wars area in the Magic Kingdom and the experiences which now exist. I’m coming out next August (23) Yes a whole year away and want the visit to be awesome. We are staying in a Disney Resort Hotel and have 14 day park hopper tickets and a three park pass for Universal.

    Reply ↓

    • I mentioned it in the post, but we haven’t had a chance to visit yet due to a cancelled trip. We will be going next month and updating this post and writing about it more in detail.

      The Star Wars area is actually in Hollywood Studios. Rise of the Resistance is the most popular ride. That’s great you are staying onsite as you can enter the parks 30 minutes early – in fact, you want to arrive 1 hour early as they sometimes let people in even earlier. This is the best time to ride Rise without a long wait (or paying for Lighning Lane access). The other ride is Milennium Falcon.

      You might also want to get an Advance Dining Reservation for Oga’s Cantina, the Star Wars themed bar (more of a place to drink than eat). We managed to get a slot by booking 60 days in advance of the day we will check in to the resort.

      Sounds like you’ll have plenty of time to explore!

      Reply ↓

  2. Hello Erin, thank you so much for all these useful informations!
    I would like to know if I have to reserve for the rides ahead of time ?

    Also I can only go there three days .. would I be able to do two parks in one day? And if so, which ones you recommend to split in two

    Thank you in advance

    Reply ↓

    • You don’t have to reserve the rides – you can just join the regular queue. If you pay for Genie+ you can book rides from 7am on the day of your visit but only one at a time (once you’ve ridden, book another one). See the How to Avoid Queues section in this post.

      I would definitely give Magic Kingdom a full day. I would probably combine Epcot and Animal Kingdom – make sure you get a park hopper ticket to do so. Enjoy!

      Reply ↓

  3. Hi
    This is our first time in Disney world with two little girls
    We are not staying in any disney resorts , do you still recommend we are in the entrance gate 1 hour before park opening ?
    We were planning to take the Genie + for the days we will be visiting the Magic Kingdom as that seems to have the maximum rides

    Reply ↓

    • I probably wouldn’t arrive that early as resort guests will be let in first. About 15 minutes before opening would be fine, especially as you’ll have Genie+. Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are the best parks to use Genie+ in. Enjoy!

      Reply ↓

      • I see places that say: “Sign up early, spaces fills up”? What is this referring to, how do we sign up. We have made reservations??

        Reply ↓

        • Where are you seeing that? It could just be referring to park reservations. I can’t think what else it would be.

  4. This guide was very helpful to us during our visit and helped us to effectively visit all the major attractions. Thank you so much for creating such a detailed document

    Reply ↓

  5. Hi. It would be so lovely and helpful if at least one of these posts or utubers would be so kind to include and compile the rides at all of these parks that are wheelchair / stroller friendly for adults/children with disabilities…not one mentions this invisible and forgotten group..

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