Ways To Get Away From It All – Part 3: Campervan Fun in the Australian Outback

This is the third post in Amy Cham’s guest post series. We also had a great experience hiring a campervan from Darwin – Alice Springs and highly recommend it as the best way of getting around Australia.

One thing that absolutely, positively does not disappoint about the big ole land that is Australia, is Mother Nature.  She’s one big bootiful mama and damn doesn’t she know it.

Now, the only way to truly appreciate the land, sea and sky in magical Oz is to grab yourself a road map, plenty of water, and get yourself a trusty campervan and go on that movie road trip you’ve always dreamed of.  What better way to get away from it all?

There are plenty of operators out there for you to choose from, but for our money Wicked Campervans were worth every cent.  Not only are they cheaper than their competitors, but also their funky recognisable vans make for a great on-the-road community.  Choose your van carefully.  Sure, go for the cheapest of the cheap, get the van with no air-con and no power steering, but consider driving that (more likely older) van in the sweltering outback heat for long never-ending hours.  Yeah, pay that little bit more for the extra comfort!   Bear in mind too that unless you’re gunning for a wild adventure way off the beaten track, you won’t need a 4WD.  Oh, one last thing.  In case you are prudes (we prefer sensible!) like us then make sure you request a tame van!

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