A Carry-On Only Ski Trip Packing List

Yes, it’s possible to pack for a ski trip in just one carry-on bag! Obviously, if you are travelling with your own skis or snowboard, you’ll need to check your gear, but if you are renting gear, it isn’t difficult to fit all the clothes you need for a week skiing in one bag. We did so in December on our ski trip to Tignes, France with Alpine Elements.

Here are a few tips to make things easier:

  • Wear your bulkiest clothes like your ski jacket and as many warm layers as possible on the plane to save space.
  • Use compression bags to squeeze bulky items like ski trousers and fleeces into a small package.
  • Pack the rest of your clothes in packing cubes, which also help save space.
  • Consider hiring ski clothes at your resort if you don’t own any. I did this and it helped save space. Simon borrowed some from friends and still managed to fit everything he needed in his backpack.
  • Choose clothes made from odour-resistant fabrics like merino wool that won’t smell after a few wears.
  • Dry ski socks (and gloves) on radiators at the end of the day. If they get too smelly, you can always wash them out in the sink using soap or shampoo.


Check the carry-on luggage restrictions of the airline you are travelling with. Usually, any backpack or suitcase that measures 56 x 36 x 23 cm (22 x 14 x 9 inches) or less will be fine. This is the luggage we used:

Clothes On Slopes

Snowboarding in Tignes, FranceFor six days of skiing.

  • Ski jacket – Wear on plane.
  • Ski trousers
  • 2 long sleeve base layers – Merino wool like those made by Icebreaker are warm and odour-resistant. Wear one on plane.
  • 1–2 long johns (thermal leggings) – Simon didn’t need these as he doesn’t get as cold as me.
  • 2 t-shirts – I wore mine over my base layer for an extra layer. Simon had one Ably t-shirt and one Icebreaker Tech Lite, which are both odour resistant. 
  • 1–2 lightweight fleece or mid layer – An extra warm layer between your base layer and jacket. Simon didn’t need one. Wear on plane.
  • 3 thin socks (optional) – We wore ours under our ski socks.
  • 2–3 knee-length ski socks
  • 7 underwear – ExOfficio are light and quick drying.
  • 2 sports bras
  • Ski gloves
  • Tube scarf
  • Sunglasses or goggles
  • Helmet – We hired ours at the resort.

Clothes for Evenings

Alpine Elements review of Hotel Haut de ToviereApres-ski is casual in ski resorts with some people still wearing their ski wear, so there’s no need to dress up.

  • 2 jeans or other trousers – Wear one on plane.
  • Clever Travel Companion tank top – An extra layer and I wore it on the plane to store my passport and cards in the hidden pockets.
  • 3 tops – Wear one on plane.
  • 2-3 jumpers (layer as necessary) – Wear one or two on plane.
  • 1–2 bras – Wear one on plane.
  • 5 socks
  • Winter boots – Wear on plane. Simon had his usual Scarpa Margarita GTX hiking shoes instead.
  • Woolly hat – Wear on plane.
  • Gloves – Wear on plane.
  • Scarf – Wear on plane.
  • Pyjamas (if needed)


If you are flying, make sure everything is in bottles under 100ml and can fit in one small ziplock bag. For a week ski holiday you won’t need more than 50ml of any toiletry.

  • Suncream – Don’t forget to apply this to your face every day. We used Ultrasun once-a-day face SPF 30.
  • Lip balm with SPF – Our lips got very dry.
  • Lush solid shampoo bar – For hair and body.
  • Moisturiser
  • Deodorant – We use Salt of the Earth solid natural deodorant.
  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Razor
  • Shaving oil (for men) – Much smaller than shaving foam.
  • Hairbrush and hairbands
  • Painkillers like Ibuprofen (just in case).
  • Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) – For motion sickness on the transfer to the resort.
  • Any prescription medication



  • Passport – Make sure it’s valid for at least six months.
  • Flight booking or boarding pass (if you can check in online)
  • Travel insurance details – Make sure it covers ski holidays.
  • Driving licence
  • Debit/credit cards
  • Cash – Or just withdraw local cash when you arrive.
  • Wallet

Snowboarding in Tignes, FranceWe didn’t find we lacked anything on our ski holiday by travelling carry-on only and it was easy to fit everything in our backpacks. We loved saving time at the airport by not needing to check in luggage (especially for a 6am flight!) or wait for it at the baggage carousel. After seven years of travelling carry-on only, we still haven’t found a trip we’ve been unable to pack for with one small backpack.

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It is possible to pack carry-on only for a ski trip! Click through for a ski trip packing list with everything you need for a week on the slopes in one bag.

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  1. Im a little confused by this post. Did you buy stuff like ski jacket and winter boots just for this trip? Where do you keep these when going on other trips?

    • Simon borrowed a ski jacket and I rented mine there. I bought some really cheap boots for our Finland trip last year and keep them at my mum’s house. Simon just wore his usual walking shoes. It was a mix of buying some new cheap things, borrowing, and using a few things that we keep at my mums.

      • Ah that makes sense. I have been trying to figure out how to do something like this myself. I think a non-packing list of stuff that you find useful to keep for certain trips and would store with relatives or storage somewhere might be useful.

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