The Ultimate Guide to Yoga in Ubud (2017)

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Ubud is yogi heaven. Despite its small size (it’s really a collection of villages) there are dozens of classes to choose from every day. You’ll find styles to suit everyone from spiritual practices to fast paced vinyasa and power flows. Studios are well equipped and make the most of Ubud’s tranquil beauty with views of rice fields and jungle. Ubud yoga classes are affordable, especially if you buy a class pass which can reduce the drop-in price (usually 120,000 IDR/ $8.60) by half. Starting your day with a yoga class is a great way to get into the relaxed, healthy Ubud vibe.

During my five months in Ubud, I attended classes most days and tried the five main studios in the centre of Ubud and the neighbouring village Penestanan.

Ubud Yoga Guide Contents

The Yoga Barn
Radiantly Alive
Ubud Yoga House
Taksu Yoga
Intuitive Flow
Ubud Yoga Studios Map
Other Ubud Yoga Classes
Pilates Studios
Ubud Hotels with Yoga Classes
Recommended Ubud Hotels
Ubud Resorts with Free Yoga
Ashrams and Retreats
Where to Buy a Yoga Mat in Ubud
Ubud Tips

Top 5 Yoga Studios in Ubud

All the yoga studios provide free mats, props, and water. The schedules change each month so check their websites before you plan a visit.

The Yoga Barn

The Yoga Barn, Ubud review The Yoga Barn is by far the biggest and most popular yoga studio in Ubud. It’s more of a resort than a regular studio with five yoga spaces, guest accommodation, healthy restaurant, juice bar, and treatment room. There are yoga teacher trainings, workshops, events, and film nights. Despite its location in the southern part of central Ubud (close to the Monkey Forest) it feels like an oasis of tropical flowers, bamboo, and lotus filled ponds.

The best thing about The Yoga Barn is the huge variety of yoga and meditation classes available—up to 15 a day. Whether you prefer powerful flow classes or gentle meditation you’re sure to find a class to suit you. The varied schedule was the main reason that I attended classes here more than anywhere else. The teaching quality varies and I had to try a few classes before I found some teachers that I connected with (I like Tanya and Eka). I usually went to morning flow and vinyasa slow which, despite being level 1 classes, I found challenging but enjoyable. I also enjoyed the deep stretching of yin classes, and experimented with styles I hadn’t tried before.

The downside of The Yoga Barn is the massive class sizes—up to 60 people in the large open sided upstairs studio, and 35 in the smaller room below. Even in the low season the classes were almost always full and you need to arrive at least 20 minutes before to guarantee a space. I usually had enough space around my mat but the class sizes could be overwhelming and I didn’t get to know the teachers or receive adjustments.

I think The Yoga Barn is best for experienced practitioners who don’t mind large class sizes and want to try a variety of styles. I don’t recommend it for complete beginners—the classes are too big which makes it difficult to see the instructor and you are unlikely to receive adjustments. Only the meditation and gentler yin and restorative classes would be suitable for anyone.

Website: The Yoga Barn
Location: Jalan Raya Pengosekan, Ubud. Near Coco supermarket.
Classes: Vinyasa flow, power yoga, hatha, yin, restorative, acro yoga, gentle yoga, intro to yoga, various meditation, ecstatic dance, and more.
Cost: 130,000 IDR ($9.30) for 1 class, 330,000 IDR ($24) for 3, 500,000 IDR ($36) for 5, 900,000 IDR ($64) for 10, 1.4 million ($100) for 20, 2.6 million ($186) for 30 days unlimited. Class passes can be shared with a friend as long as you attend together.

Radiantly Alive

Radiantly Alive yoga Ubud reviewRadiantly Alive is another popular studio with a central location, but it’s less overwhelming than the Yoga Barn. There are three yoga rooms and 5-7 classes a day including interesting options like arm balance, fly high yoga, and roll and release (self-massage using balls). They also offer teacher training. It feels like more of an American-style yoga studio with fun teachers, fast paced flow classes, and “normal” rather than yogi music. The slower classes like gentle flow and yin were usually attended by 20-40 people, but the RA vinyasa classes were very crowded with up to 70 students crammed in during high season. The vinyasa classes are fun, sweaty, and very popular with regulars, but too fast for my taste. All the teachers were excellent and despite the large class sizes, they managed to offer individual adjustments.

Radiantly Alive differs from other studios by offering unlimited passes rather than for a specific number of classes. If you are happy to commit to the studio and want to attend many classes this can be a great deal, but it’s not ideal if you want to mix and match classes from various studios. I spent a week here and went to 13 classes which brought the cost down to $3 each.

I recommend Radiantly Alive for experienced yogis as most classes assume a certain level of knowledge. If you like challenging vinyasa classes and don’t mind large class sizes, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

Website: Radiantly Alive 
Location: Jalan Jembawan 3, Ubud. Across from Bali Buda restaurant.
Classes: Gentle flow, RA vinyasa, yin, restorative, fly high yoga, roll and release, pilates.
Cost: 140,000 IDR ($10) for 1 class and unlimited passes: 170,000 IDR ($12) for 1 day, 550,000 IDR ($39) for 7 days, 860,000 IDR ($62) for 14 days, 1.5 million IDR ($107) for 1 month.

Ubud Yoga House

Ubud Yoga House reviewUbud Yoga House review - group photoAfter months of anonymous classes at The Yoga Barn it was a relief when I discovered Ubud Yoga House. This small studio is much friendlier and more relaxed than the other studios—it’s actually in owner Sheila’s lovely house with gorgeous views over the rice fields. The maximum class size is 12 people so it’s a more personal experience—the teacher Lindsey took the time to chat to us and we all introduced ourselves before the class started. She gave adjustments during the class and a little massage during shavasana, and at the end we were given cold towels and lemon water—just what we needed in the tropical heat.

It doesn’t have the variety of other studios—just three classes at 7.30am (Sunrise Yoga), 9am (Morning Flow) and 11am (Gentle Yoga) Monday to Saturday. Sunrise yoga is a slower Iyengar-inspired hatha class with a focus on alignment and holding poses for longer. The 9am class is a swifter flow. I really enjoyed both and felt so relaxed afterwards.

Classes are officially only an hour (whereas most classes in town are 90 minutes), but they usually overrun to 90 minutes. You can book a place online (usually the day before was fine) which means you don’t have to arrive too early or worry about classes being full.

Ubud Yoga House is ideal for beginners and intermediate yogis as classes can be personalised to your experience level. It’s friendly, unpretentious, and has the best yoga studio view.

Update 2017: Yoga House has opened a second studio next door that has more space but doesn’t have such amazing views. It’s still lovely, though, overlooking the jungle and river with the rice fields behind. As usual the experience was much more personal than other studios with just 10 people. 

Website: Ubud Yoga House
Location: 10-minute walk from Ubud’s main road (Jalan Raya) through the rice fields on the way to Sari Organik restaurant.
Classes: Sunrise yoga, morning flow, gentle yoga, meditation, introduction to yoga.
Cost: 130,000 IDR ($9.80) for 1 class, 900,000 IDR ($68) for 10.

Taksu Yoga

Taksu Yoga review, UbudYou won’t believe Taksu is in the centre of Ubud—it’s like entering another world, a jungle temple far away from the traffic noise and souvenir shops. The yoga studio overlooks a trickling stream in a huge spa complex that features two restaurants including Fresh which serves beautiful raw vegan cuisine.

In the high season there are three or four classes a day, but in the low season this can be reduced to one. Taksu has the smallest class sizes in Ubud—in one class I was the only student and in the two others there were no more than four of us. The spontaneous flow class with Karen was like a private class—she lets students decide what they’d like to work on. It was great to get such personalised attention and feedback, although a little intimidating at first as I was expecting a group class where I could blend in! I would have attended Taksu more, but most of the classes were in the middle of the day and I found it too hot.

If you want small classes in a beautiful setting then Taksu is a great choice.

Website: Taksu Yoga 
Location: Jalan Goutama, Ubud
Classes: Hatha flow, vinyasa flow, yin, hatha, gentle.
Cost: 120,000 IDR ($8.60) for 1 class, 300,000 IDR ($21) for 3, 475,000 IDR ($34) for 5, 900,000 IDR ($68) for 10, 1.4 million ($105) for 20.

Intuitive Flow

Intuitive Flow yoga review, UbudIntuitive Flow is located in the village of Penestanan, a few kilometres outside Ubud. When Ubud Yoga House closed for renovations this became my quiet alternative to the Barn. There are 3-6 classes a day with a mix of gentler spiritual practices and meditation and more dynamic flows. I love the setting on a peaceful lane with a beautiful view down to the valley. When I attended in low season there were never more than eight students so the teachers were able to give personal adjustments. I appreciate that the mats are laid out for you so you don’t have to worry about the right place to put them. Their class passes are the cheapest in town.

I didn’t connect with all the teachers so it’s worth trying a few classes to see who suits you best. I found the gentle flow class with Anu very relaxing. The basic yoga class is suitable for beginners.

If you are staying in Penestanan (which has lots of villa rentals) Intuitive Flow is the obvious choice. Even if you’re not, it’s worth considering coming out here if you find the classes in town too crowded.

Website: Intuitive Flow 
Location: A five-minute walk down a pedestrian path opposite Alchemy restaurant in Penestanan (look for the signs) or up the Penestanan steps if walking from Ubud.
Classes: Vinyasa flow, hatha, basic yoga, yoga pranala, yin, restorative, meditation.
Cost: 120,000 IDR ($8.60) for 1 class, 400,000 IDR ($29) for 5, 600,000 IDR ($43) for 10, 825,000 IDR ($59) for 15.

Ubud Yoga Studios Map

The five studios above are the main yoga spaces in Ubud but new studios are often opening and many resorts and guesthouses also offer classes. I haven’t tried any of the places listed below.

Other Ubud Yoga Classes 

  • Yoga Saraswati – New in 2017, this studio is in the heart of Ubud and currently has a special deal with classes for just 50,000 IDR. There are two classes a day, mostly vinyasa flow, and numbers are kept low. One reader was impressed with his experience here and said every student received adjustments from the teacher. 
  • Ubud Yoga Centre – A new studio in Nyuh Kuning with a focus on hot yoga. The space looks impressive but it’s hot enough in Ubud already for me. One class is 125,000 IDR ($9.40), a promo rate until June 2017, and unlimited passes are available.
  • Astudiom – A new studio on Jalan Sanggingan with a focus on aerial yoga and a view of the Camphuan Ridge. One class is 120,000 IDR ($9) and passes are available.
  • The Seeds of Life Cafe – This raw vegan restaurant hosts a Mysore-style ashtanga class on weekdays from 6.30-9.30am. This is an independent practice so you need to know the sequence. They say beginners are welcome but must commit to a minimum of five days to learn the sequence. One class is 200,000 IDR ($14) and passes are available.
  • Taman Hati – Balinese teacher Ketut offers classes in his family compound in Nyuh Kuning for 100,000 IDR ($7). Kundalini classes (a more spiritual practice) are at 6am, and Pranawayu yoga, his own style similar to vinyasa flow, are at 10am or 5pm most days.

Pilates Studios in Ubud

  • Ubud Pilates – Mat based pilates classes in Penestanan. 170,000 IDR ($13) per class with a maximum of eight students.
  • Movement Matters – Equipment and mat based pilates classes in Nyuh Kuning.

Ubud Hotels with Yoga Classes

For the ultimate convenience you might want to choose a hotel that offers yoga classes. They are usually open to non-guests too. Their schedules aren’t as reliable as the yoga studios, and the information on their websites might not be current, so I recommend checking with them in advance.

  • Honeymoon Guesthouse – This guesthouse offers midrange rooms a five-minute walk from the centre of Ubud. The yoga classes are a blend of hatha and vinyasa at 7.30am Mondays to Saturdays for 115,000 IDR ($8.60).
  • Nine Heaven at Sapu Lidi Resort – Three classes a day at this resort south of Ubud in Pengosekan village. They are open to non-guests and cost 120,000 IDR ($8.60).
  • Swasti Eco Cottages – A small eco resort in Nyuh Kuning with a vegan-friendly restaurant using produce from their garden. The schedule varies with around two classes (vinyasa and gentle) a day. Classes are 110,000 IDR ($8) and open to everyone.
  • White Lotus – A guesthouse near central Ubud that offers meditation classes every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 pm. They cost 80,000 IDR ($6) and are open to everyone.
  • Shriman Yoga Bungalows – Indian classical yoga, vedic astrology, and eco-friendly bungalows in the rice fields just north of Ubud (near Ubud Yoga House).

Recommended Ubud Hotels

Ubud is easy to get around on foot or motorbike so you could choose a hotel close to one of the main yoga studios and create your own retreat. 

Desak Putu Putera Cottages is our favourite place to stay in the centre of Ubud. It’s on Jalan Sukma close to the centre, but in a very quiet jungle location with fantastic views—it feels like an oasis from the chaos. It’s only a five-minute walk from Yoga Barn, ten minutes from Radiantly Alive, and about 30 minutes from the Yoga House. Three of our favourite vegan restaurants (Wulan, Nine Heaven and Sayuri) are on the same street. 

The comfortable rooms are clean, spacious and have air conditioning, mini-fridge, decent wifi, powerful hot showers, and balconies. The pool is lovely, and the staff are very helpful and can arrange transport or motorbike hire. It’s reasonably priced at 561,600 IDR ($42) a night. 

Desak putu putera cottage pool in Ubud

The pool at Desak Putu Putera Cottages

If you’d like to be surrounded by rice fields, Nur Guesthouse looks lovely. It’s only a few minutes walk to the Yoga House in a quiet location just north of the centre. There’s a beautiful pool with rice field views and the rooms have air conditioning and terraces (no fridge). Note that it’s down a narrow path so access is on foot or motorbike only. Rooms cost from around $50 a night. 

There is a huge variety of accommodation in Ubud from $8 homestays to $800 resorts. Have a look on our favourite hotel search site to find the perfect place for your yoga holiday.

Ubud Resorts with Free Yoga for Guests

If you want to splurge on somewhere fancy these resorts offer free yoga classes for guests.

Ashrams and Retreats in Ubud

If you want to immerse yourself in yoga, you might want to participate in a retreat. Some of the above yoga studios offer retreats, or a budget option would be to create your own DIY retreat by staying in a guesthouse close to the studio of your choice and buying a class pass. Here are some other options:

  • Anand Ashram – A serious ashram 3km north of Ubud with a daily schedule of chanting and yoga sessions. The suggested donation is $28-30 a night per person including room, breakfast, lunch and activities.
  • Blooming Lotus – Affordable retreats and teacher training in luxury villas outside Ubud.
  • OneWorld Retreats Kumara – Boutique resort and spa with ongoing yoga retreats.
  • Amrtasiddhi – Ayurvedic programs that include treatments, detox, and yoga in Nyuh Kuning.
  • Om Ham – Luxury hotel in Junjungan village 5km north of Ubud that offers retreats and Kundalini tantra yoga once or twice a day.
  • Ashram Munivara – Works in partnership with Om Ham but has cheaper accommodation. The Kundalini tantra yoga at 4pm is the cheapest yoga class in Ubud at only 35,000 IDR ($2.50).
  • Gokul Yoga – Ashram with teacher training and retreats. Donation based classes Mondays to Saturdays.
  • Bagus Jati – High-end resort that offers yoga and ayurveda retreats.

Where to Buy a Yoga Mat in Ubud

All the yoga studios provide mats, but if you’d like to use your own it’s best to bring one from home. If you travel light like we do there are mats available in Ubud but they are expensive. The ones in the Bali Spirit shop at Yoga Barn (and next to Kafe) cost 1 million IDR ($75) and are really heavy. I bought a yoga mat for 250,000 IDR ($19) from Coco Supermarket—much cheaper than the yoga shops. It’s not the best quality but it’s grippy and is fine for a few months. The Smile charity shop opposite Seniman Coffee also had a second hand one for 150,000 IDR ($11), so it’s worth trying there if you are on a budget. 

I also love travelling with Yoga Paws which are little yoga mats for your hands and feet. They are very small and light and stop me slipping when I’m practicing in hotel rooms without a mat. They are also great for very sweaty vinyasa classes, even with a mat. They are much more practical than travelling with a heavy yoga mat. 

Ubud Tips

You might find these posts useful for your stay in Ubud: 

Don’t forget travel insurance for your Ubud yoga trip as if you need serious treatment, you’ll need to be flown to Singapore. The best-value insurance we’ve found for UK and Europe residents is True Traveller—we’ve used them for the last five years and they are ideal for long-term travellers. World Nomads is another great choice for travellers from Australia, USA and elsewhere. 

Ubud rice fields and Mt Agung at sunrise

Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced yogi, it’s worth taking the time to join one of the many yoga classes and get into the blissed out Ubud vibe.

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The best yoga studios in Ubud, Bali including drop-in classes, yoga retreats and more.


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