The Ultimate Guide to Ubud Vegetarian Restaurants

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Ubud rivals Chiang Mai and San Francisco as our favourite vegetarian-friendly destination in the world. During our four month stay we tried over 50 of the best restaurants in Ubud, many of which were entirely vegetarian or vegan, or had plenty of meat-free options. And Ubud isn’t a big city—it’s a collection of villages that, outside the small congested centre, has a rural feel with rice paddies dominating the landscape.

The food scene is surprisingly varied—as well as Balinese dishes we found excellent Mexican, Indian, and Italian food; beautifully presented raw vegan meals; and even vegetarian tasting menus at fancy fine dining restaurants. It’s easy to eat healthily with many restaurants serving organic food from local ingredients. The influence of the yoga scene means green juices, superfood salads, macrobiotic meals, and gluten-free options abound. Thankfully mock meat is rare.

All this delicious food is very affordable with Indonesian meals from $2 and western and raw dishes around $4, although many restaurants charge an extra 10% tax and 5% (occasionally 10%) service charge (I’ve noted when in the listings below). A meal for two with one or two courses plus juices cost us from $7-20. We ate out so much that our food budget was way higher than usual, but it was totally worth it.

Vegetarian Indonesian Dishes to Try

Indonesians eat plenty of meat, but their diet also includes tofu, tempeh, vegetables, and rice so it’s easy to adapt dishes for vegetarians. Although we had a lot less choice once we left the Ubud bubble, there are usually a few local dishes we could eat. We’ve never been huge tofu fans, but we love tempeh which originates from Indonesia. This soybean patty is like a fermented version of tofu; it’s considered to be healthier as it is less processed and the beans are whole—I prefer its firmer texture.

  • Nasi Campur – A staple of the diet here, this is the Balinese thali, a plate of rice, and various small vegetable, tempeh, and tofu dishes, and a dollop of spicy sambal.
  • Gado Gado – Cold vegetables with peanut sauce.
  • Jukut Arab – A Balinese salad of lightly blanched vegetables (typically bean sprouts and green beans) and grated coconut.
  • Tempeh Satay – Tempeh skewers with peanut sauce. I don’t know how easy this is to find in the rest of Indonesia, but it’s common in Ubud.
  • Nasi Goreng – Fried rice that can be made with just vegetables.
  • Mie Goreng – Fried noodles that can be made with just vegetables.

Below I’ve chosen the best of the vegetarian-friendly restaurants we visited (there are many more!). Also see the best new Ubud vegan restaurants in 2017, which we discovered on our latest visit. 

Most restaurants deliver and you can find menus on Zomato. Restaurants usually open all day from breakfast to dinner and I’ve noted if they close on a particular day.

The current exchange rate is approximately $1 = 13,000 IDR and £1 = 17,000 IDR.


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Our Top 5

These are the restaurants that we kept going back to.

1) Melting Wok

Ubud vegetarian restaurants - Melting Wok tempeh curry
Tempeh coconut noodle curry

Don’t miss Melting Wok! The tempeh coconut curry with rice noodles is our favourite dish in Ubud—it’s full of flavour, packed with vegetables, crispy tempeh and fresh herbs, and served with a delicious spicy pickled salad. They only serve curry (plus a few meaty specials), but you can customise it with your choice of meats, tempeh or tofu, rice or noodles, and how spicy you’d like it (a blessing in Ubud where the curries are often bland). It’s proof of our theory that the smaller the menu, the better the food.

The staff are absolutely lovely—from the welcoming French owner Geraldine to the friendly, attentive waitresses who explain the menu in detail. The desserts are tasty too, and it’s all good value.

Melting Wok is one of the best restaurants in Ubud and is very popular so make a reservation (usually a day in advance is enough) by emailing Geraldine at [email protected] or calling 082 153 666 087.

Cuisine: Meat, fish and vegetarian Indonesian.
Cost for a Main Dish: 47,000 IDR.
Details: 13 Jalan Gootama. Closed Mondays.
Website: Tripadvisor listing.

2) Sage

Ubud vegan restaurants -Sage
House salad, tempeh tacos, and tempeh buffalo wings

Sage is a new and very welcome addition to the Ubud vegan dining scene and wouldn’t be out of place in California. Their menu is refreshingly different from other places in town, with a mix of Mexican inspired dishes and healthy vegetable bowls. Everything is great but we particularly love their tempeh tacos, cauliflower fritas (oh, that chipotle sauce), potato flautas, and go jolly green giant bowl full of veggies, quinoa, and tempeh or tofu (get the garlic tahini dressing).

The cakes are my favourite in Ubud—especially the coconut and the cinnamony apple—and it’s one of the few places where you can find non-raw vegan cakes.

Sage also gets our vote for the best breakfast in Ubud—the brekky burrito with scrambled tofu and hash browns is amazing, the green smoothie bowl is a healthy way to start the day, and the blueberry pancakes are fluffy and delicious.

Sage’s decor is simple but elegant with comfy booths and lots of light. Their WiFi was variable, but when it worked was much faster than most places in town (10 mbps down).

Cuisine: Vegan Mexican and International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 60,000-70,000 IDR + 16%.
Details: 1 Jalan Nyuh Bulan.
Website: Facebook page

3) The Elephant

Ubud vegetarian restaurants - The Elephant
Sweet potato fritters, polenta chips, spring rolls, and toasted sourdough with tomato and feta.

The Elephant is a classy vegetarian restaurant with a great view overlooking the Camphuan Ridge. The menu is a mix of Asian and Western dishes and I actually preferred the pasta and gnocchi here to the Italian restaurants in Ubud. The salads were my favourite in town with mixed greens and interesting toppings, and we loved the tofu spaghetti bolognese, pesto gnocchi, polenta chips, smashed potatoes, and all the cakes we tried (raw chocolate, carrot, and lemon almond). Vegan and gluten-free dishes are marked on the menu.

As a bonus, you can use the pool at the attached hotel for 30,000 IDR.

Cuisine: Vegetarian International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 60,000-80,000 IDR.
Details: Hotel Taman Indrakila, Jalan Raya Sanggingan.
Website: The Elephant.

4) Taco Casa

Best vegetarian restaurants in Ubud - Taco Casa nachos

The best Mexican food in Asia? Quite possibly. Taco Casa makes surprisingly good Tex-Mex classics (tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, nachos) using fresh homemade ingredients. They do serve meat but everything can be made with stir fried veggies instead. Simon is obsessed with their nachos which are perfectly topped with melted cheese, refried beans, guacamole, pico de gallo, and jalapeños (and sour cream if you want it). I love their mammoth 8-layer burrito packed with red rice, black beans, vegetables, guacamole, pico, cheddar cheese, and lettuce. The service is quick and friendly and it’s always busy (you might struggle to get a table later in the evening).

Cuisine: Meat and vegetarian Mexican.
Cost for a Main Dish: 58,000 IDR for a burrito + 15.5%.
Details: Jalan Pengosekan.
Website: Taco Casa.

5) Warung Sharaswaty

Ubud vegetarian - Warung Sharaswaty Indian
Aloo gobi, bengan tamatar, and chapatis

We can’t go too long without an Indian food fix, so we were happy to discover the family-run vegetarian Warung Sharaswaty. The food is flavourful and delicious—we particularly enjoyed the samosas, bengan tamatar (an eggplant and tomato dish), dhal, and chapati. Most dishes can be made vegan and you can choose your spice level. The food is cooked to order so it can be slow. The open-air bamboo loft, with comfy bean bag chairs and colourful fabrics draped from the ceiling, is a great place to relax while you wait.

Cuisine: Vegetarian Indian.
Cost for a Main Dish: 35,000 IDR + 10%.
Details: Jalan Raya Penestanan. Closed Tuesdays.
Website: Warung Sharaswaty.

Also see my guide to the best new vegan restaurants in Ubud in 2017, which includes some new favourites including Siboghana Waroeng and Sawobali vegan buffet. 

Cheap Eats

I’ve defined cheap eats as restaurants with main courses for 35,000 IDR ($2.50) or less. The first three serve vegetarian nasi campur—rice with lots of small vegetable and tempeh dishes—in the traditional manner displayed in a glass cabinet and served cold. If you order nasi campur off the menu at one of the other restaurants on this list, it will be hot.

In 2017 our new favourite cheap eat is Siboghana Waroeng, which we featured in our vegan Ubud post. 

Another option if you are travelling with meat-eaters is Puspa’s Warung in the centre of Ubud. Nasi campur is only 25,000 IDR and they have meat or vegan options. 

6) Wulan Vegetarian Warung

Ubud vegetarian restaurants- Wulan vegetarian warung
7 dish nasi campur

Wulan Vegetarian Warung is a small vegan place with colourful decor and a short menu written on a blackboard. We love the 7 item nasi campur, which includes red rice, sweetcorn fritter, crispy tempeh, and various vegetable dishes, and the spicy-hottie veg tempeh. The food is simple but tasty and the aloe vera juice was delicious.

Update: Wulan’s prices increased in 2017 but it’s still good value as there’s no tax or service charge. 

Cuisine: Vegan Indonesian.
Cost for a Main Dish: 32,000-47,000 IDR.
Details: 14 Jalan Sukma. Closed Sundays.
Website: Wulan Facebook page.

7) Warung Sopa & Sopa Garden

Vegetarian nasi campur at Warung Sopa
Nasi campur

Warung Sopa serves good vegetarian nasi campur from a cabinet for 8000 IDR per item. You can choose from curries like tofu, banana leaf, eggplant, and lentil, as well as samosas, spring rolls, and fried tempeh, all served with red rice. They also have lots of soups and a few other dishes on their menu.

Sopa Garden is another branch with a nicer setting, but further from the centre of Ubud.

Cuisine: Vegetarian Indonesian.
Cost for a Main Dish: 32,000 IDR for four nasi campur items. 24,000 IDR for a large soup.
Details: 36 Jalan Sugriwa. Sopa Garden: 2 Jalan Nyuh Kuning.
Website: Warung Sopa.

8) Prima Warung

Ubud vegan restaurants - Prima warung nasi campur
Nasi campur

Prima is a very simple vegan warung run by a friendly lady. It’s only open at lunch and just serves nasi campur—a bowl of pumpkin soup plus a massive plate of red rice, vegetables, tempeh, and a corn fritter. There was so much food we could have shared, making it great value.

Cuisine: Vegan Indonesian.
Cost for a Main Dish: 30,000 IDR.
Details: Jalan Raya Penestanan. Lunch only. Closed Sundays.
Website: Tripadvisor listing.

9) Veggie Table

Veggie Table is a cute vegetarian Indonesian restaurant that is one of the few places in town with air conditioning. The tofu curry was bland but everything else we tried was tasty, especially the yellow rice which came with sweet and spicy eggplant, tofu in peanut sauce, and flavourful tempeh.

Update: In 2017 they started running a daily vegan buffet for 50,000 IDR but it’s not as good as the Sawobali vegan buffet that we included in our vegan Ubud guide

Cuisine: Vegetarian Indonesian.
Cost for a Main Dish: 35,000 IDR.
Details: 53 Jalan Hanoman.
Website: Tripadvisor listing.

10) Dayu’s Warung

Dayu’s Warung serves healthy, organic, gluten-free meals with plenty of vegetarian options including salads, soups, and Indonesian classics. The nasi campur is one of my favourites in Ubud, but some of the other dishes can be bland, and the service is slow. They also have gluten-free and vegan desserts.

Cuisine: Meat, fish and vegetarian Indonesian and International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 35,000 IDR + 10%.
Details: 18 Jalan Sugriwa.
Website: Dayu’s Warung Tripadvisor listing.

11) Fussy Bird

Ubud vegetarian restaurants - Fussy bird tempeh pumpkin lasagna
Tempeh pumpkin lasagna

Fussy Bird is Dayu’s little sister. The menu is similar but has a few more vegetarian dishes including unusual offerings like tempeh pumpkin lasagna and purple sweet potato guacamole balls. Their upstairs seating area overlooking frangipani trees is very pleasant. The specials can be good value—for 40,000 IDR I had a vegetable and rice noodle curry, purple sweet potato skewers, and a ginger mint juice.

Cuisine: Meat, fish and vegetarian Indonesian and International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 30,000 IDR + 10%.
Details: 32 Jalan Tirta Tawar.
Website: Fussy Bird.

12) Warung Bintangbali

Ubud vegetarian restaurants - warung Bintangbali
French fries and My Mom’s Terong

Warung Bintangbali is the cheapest place we ate in Ubud—it was only a few minutes walk from our house so we ate here a lot. It does serve meat but there’s a whole page of vegetarian options and everything is organic with vegetables from a nearby garden. It’s a lovely setting with colourful fabrics draped from the bamboo structure and views of the rice paddies. We liked the vege curry, My Mom’s Terong (an eggplant, tempeh and pineapple stir fry), sweet and spicy grilled corn, and the excellent french fries which are proper chunky chips. On Monday nights there’s live music.

Cuisine: Meat, fish and vegetarian Indonesian.
Cost for a Main Dish: 15,000-25,000 IDR + 5%.
Details: Jalan Tirta Tawar, Junjungan village. Closed Sundays.
Website: Facebook page.

13) Abe-Do Organic Warung

Abe-Do is a tiny art-filled warung run by very friendly owners who took the time to chat with us. Their menu includes lots of juices (and they deliver for juice detoxes), salads, and a number of vegetarian Indonesian dishes. The tempeh satay was the best we had in Ubud and is served with rice, sayar urub (beansprouts and green bean salad), and a tasty peanut sauce. All the vegetables come from an organic farm 2 km away and everything is cooked fresh to order.

Cuisine: Meat, fish and vegetarian Indonesian.
Cost for a Main Dish: 28,000 IDR.
Details: Jalan Tirta Tawar.
Website: Facebook page.

14) Nine Heaven Vegan Warung (UPDATE October 2020: it appears Nine Heaven is now permanently closed)

Ubud vegan restaurant - Nine Heaven
Tofu satay and kimchi pancakes

Korea isn’t known for its vegetarian friendliness which makes this vegan warung a pleasant surprise. The kimchi pancakes are superb, and the spicy ramen soup and satay tofu are also delicious.

Cuisine: Vegan Korean and Indonesian.
Cost for a Main Dish: 30,000-35,000 IDR.
Details: Jalan Sukma, between Mama’s Warung and Kokolato. In January 2016 they moved here from Jalan Raya.
Website: Nine Heaven.

15) Pizza Umah

Pizza Umah has the best value pizza in town—just 30,000 IDR for a large margherita, when everywhere else charges at least 45,000 plus tax. We didn’t expect much for the price, but we actually preferred it to Mamma Mia, which is generally considered to have the best pizza. Pizza Umah also has a vegan pizza.

In truth, although we enjoyed all the pizzas we tried in Ubud (Buonasera was also pretty good), they lacked the wow factor—for that you’ll have to travel a few hours away to Classico Italiano on the tiny island Gili Air.

Update 2017: Pizza Bagus also does great value pizza and pasta. 

Cuisine: Meat and vegetarian Italian.
Cost for a Main Dish: 30,000-45,000 IDR.
Details: Jalan Bisma.
Website: Facebook page.

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Best Setting

In addition to those below, The Elephant has a lovely view of Camphuan Ridge, Warung Bintangbali overlooks rice fields, and Fresh looks down into a jungle gorge in the centre of Ubud.

16) Sari Organik

Sari Organik vegetarain friendly restaurant with a view in UbudGetting to Sari Organik (or Warung Bodag Maliah) is part of the experience—it’s a 20-minute walk from Ubud’s main road on a narrow path through the rice fields. It can be very hot at midday so it’s best to come just before sunset when you can make the most of the view (but bring a torch for the walk back). The restaurant’s produce comes from its farm next door, so it doesn’t get more local than that. The menu includes salads and Indonesian and Western dishes, with plenty of vegetarian options. The mint lemonade was refreshing after the walk. The food wasn’t our favourite in Ubud but it was all fine, and it’s worth coming for the view.

Cuisine: Meat, fish and vegetarian Indonesian and International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 40,000-50,000 IDR + 15% (I think).
Details: Subak Sok Wayah. Follow the sign from the main road Jalan Raya near Abangan Bungalow.
Website: Tripadvisor listing.

17) Clear Cafe

Clear Ubud vegetarian restaurant
Love lasagna and tropical twister juice

Clear is a three storey restaurant with views of the most magical temple in Ubud down in a river valley. The decor is stylish and tables are decorated with flowers. They serve organic, locally sourced food with many vegetarian options and something to suit everyone from raw dishes like the love lasagna to veggie burgers and burritos. There are plenty of healthy drinks—I like the tropical twister with pineapple, orange and passionfruit.

Update 2017: Clear has moved to a central location, which is just as stylish and features a pond and fireman’s pole (!) but doesn’t have the view. 

Cuisine: Meat, fish, vegetarian and raw International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 50,000-60,000 IDR + 20%.
Details: Jalan Hanoman 8.
Website: Clear.

18) Yellow Flower

Ubud vegetarian - Yellow Flower nasi campur
Vegan nasi campur

Yellow Flower is hidden away down a pedestrian path amongst the rice fields in the village of Penestanan. There isn’t exactly a view but it’s a lovely, quiet space surrounded by trees above a lush valley. The bamboo building is decorated with colourful cushions and bamboo chairs. Most menu items are vegetarian but there is the option to make dishes with chicken instead. We really enjoyed the vegan nasi campur, corn fritters, and tempeh candlenut curry. It’s near the Intuitive Flow yoga studio so makes a good stop after a class. They have a buffet on Sunday nights.

Directions: Coming from Ubud it’s a five-minute walk up the Penestanan steps from Jalan Campuhan. Turn right when you reach the sign for Intuitive Flow. Alternatively, from the centre of Penestanan follow the signs down the pedestrian path across the road from Alchemy restaurant. It’s a seven-minute walk this way.

Cuisine: Meat and vegetarian Indonesian and International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 35,000-45,000 IDR + 10%.
Details: Penestanan Steps.
Website: Facebook page.

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Raw Vegan Food

Ubud has to be the best destination for raw food in Asia, if not the world, especially if you take price into account. There are plenty of raw restaurants, raw cooking classes, and many of the vegetarian-friendly places have a choice of raw mains (and not just salads) and desserts.

Update 2017: Sayuri Healing Food is a fantastic new raw cafe in Ubud—read more about it in my vegan Ubud post.

19) Moksa

Raw vegan food in Ubud - Moksa
Raw lasagna

Moksa is a new vegan restaurant in Sayan, just beyond Penestanan. Produce comes from their onsite permaculture garden which you have a view of as you eat. The food is a mix of raw and cooked vegan and everything is creative, delicious, and beautifully presented. The raw lasagna, eggplant redang, and tofu curry were all very good. The amuse-bouche was a nice touch—a tumeric jamu shot on our first visit, and a raw bruschetta on our second. The service is excellent and the staff make an effort to remember your name. If you are vegan, or just enjoy farm to table cuisine, don’t miss it.

Cuisine: Raw and cooked vegan.
Cost for a Main Dish: 60,000-75,000 IDR plus 15%.
Details: Puskesmas Ubud II. Closed Mondays.
Website: Moksa.

20) The Seeds of Life

Raw vegan food in Ubud - The Seeds of Life lasagna
Mexican raw lasagna

The Seeds of Life serves raw vegan food and a huge range of healthy elixirs and juices. Their Mexican raw lasagna is my favourite in Ubud and very different from the usual layers of zucchini—it felt creamier and more substantial. It’s a mix of creamy cashew cheese and beetroot pate with layers of corn tortillas, greens and a seed and avocado topping. It’s served slightly warm (but still raw apparently). Simon’s vege wrap was a little boring. Their raw desserts are highly recommended but we didn’t try them. They also have Mysore ashtanga yoga classes here.

Cuisine: Raw vegan.
Cost for a Main Dish: 55,000 IDR + 15%.
Details: 2 Jalan Gootama.
Website: The Seeds of Life.

21) Fresh

Ubud Vegan food - raw almond tostadas at Fresh
Almond tostadas

Taksu Spa relaunched their upstairs restaurant in late 2015 and it’s now entirely vegan and mostly raw. It’s hard to choose from the innovative menu, but everything we ate was flavourful and presented like a work of art. We love the hidden jungle setting right in the heart of Ubud. Make sure you look around Taksu after your meal, or do a yoga class or spa treatment—it’s an incredible place.

Cuisine: Raw and cooked vegan.
Cost for a Main Dish: 50,000-100,000 IDR + 15%.
Details: Jalan Gootama.
Website: Taksu Spa.

22) Alchemy

Alchemy has a small raw vegan menu, but the real highlight is the salad bar with many interesting toppings like pink sauerkraut, curry rawmesan, and kale sprinkle. They also serve juices, sweet treats, and health food items in their shop.

Cuisine: Raw vegan.
Cost for a Main Dish: 47,000 IDR + 16%.
Details: Jalan Raya Penestanan.
Website: Alchemy.

23) Soma Cafe

A mostly raw vegan restaurant (you can add fish) with lots of healthy drinks and raw desserts. It was all a bit too healthy for Simon and his rainbow coco curry was very bland. I enjoyed my live love pasta—raw zucchini noodles with cashew cheese, pesto, olives, tomatoes, and capers.

Cuisine: Fish, raw and vegan.
Cost for a Main Dish: 44,000-57,000 IDR + 17%.
Details: Jalan Gootama.
Website: Soma.

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Best WiFi

Sage also has fast WiFi and new for 2017, Lazy Cats Cafe has the fastest WiFi of all, cool decor, and tasty veggie dishes (we like the pancakes).

24) Kismet

Ubud Vegetarian restaurant Kismet
Asian bowl with tempeh skewers

Kismet is the best place to work with fast fibre optic WiFi, comfy seating, and convenient power sockets (especially downstairs). The vegetarian food is delicious—especially the skewers (tempeh, tofu or vegetables) with peanut sauce and the polenta lasagna. If you’re in need of comfort food, the tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich are tasty.

Kismet recently moved from above their shop to further down Jalan Gootama between Taksu and Earth Cafe.

Cuisine: Vegetarian Indonesian and International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 55,000-80,000 IDR + 20%.
Details: 27X Jalan Gootama.
Website: Kismet.

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Something for Everyone

These are Ubud institutions that offer a wide range of Indonesian and Western dishes, mostly vegetarian but with some chicken and fish.

25) Kafe & Garden Kafe

Kafe serves everything from nachos to healthy salads and tasty raw cakes. We found the food good, but not exceptional.

Their second branch, Garden Kafe, is at The Yoga Barn so is convenient for after a yoga class. The menu is a little smaller and more health focused, with Ayurvedic, macrobiotic, and raw vegan menus. I enjoyed the tofu scramble (ask for some sambal).

Cuisine: Meat and vegetarian Indonesian and International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 40,000-60,000 IDR + 15%.
Details: 44b Jalan Hanoman.
Website: Kafe and Garden Kafe.

26) Bali Buda

Ubud vegetarian restaurants Bali Buda
Garden salad

Bali Buda is another vegetarian-friendly restaurant with a bit of everything—salads, sandwiches, soups, pasta, Mexican, and Indonesian. Our favourite dish is the creamy tofu and cashew curry, full of chickpeas and vegetables.

We often went to their health food shop a few doors down for good rye and wholemeal bread, kombucha, and bulk buy nuts, seeds, and lentils.

Cuisine: Meat and vegetarian Indonesian and International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 35,000-60,000 IDR + 15%.
Details: 1 Jalan Jembawan.
Website: Bali Buda.

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Ubud has some very fancy restaurants if you are looking for somewhere to celebrate a special occasion. Both these places have vegetarian tasting menus and can cater for vegans if you let them know in advance. They’re expensive but it’s much less that you’d pay for fine dining elsewhere. Just be careful with your drinks—alcohol is pricey in Indonesia and you can end up doubling your food costs.

Update 2017: We also recommend Uma Cucina (the best Italian in Ubud but at Italy prices—ask for the vegetarian menu) and for a real treat, Kubu at the Ritz Carlton where you can enjoy a vegetarian tasting menu in a private bamboo cocoon overlooking the river. 

27) Locavore

Locavore creates contemporary European cuisine using local ingredients. Eating here was one of our most memorable restaurant experiences. We chose the five-course vegetarian tasting menu (seven courses is also an option), but ended up being served 12 small bites in addition to the courses—the stream of food lasted hours.

We never knew what to expect—my berry cocktail was served with a side of thyme set on fire so the aroma would enhance the flavour; the flowers arranged on the table were part of the meal; and when we finished dessert and thought it was all over, we were brought five more sweet treats including potato doughnuts balanced on a log. The five courses each focused on a different vegetable, letting them shine, such as a potato salad with purple, yellow and white potatoes served steamed and crispy. It was all simple but flavourful and beautifully presented.

Reservations are essential—Locavore usually books up a month in advance.

Cuisine: Meat and vegetarian European tasting menus.
Cost for a Main Dish: 625,000 IDR + 20.5% for 5 course vegetarian tasting menu.
Details: Jalan Dewi Sita.
Website: Locavore.

28) Mozaic

Mozaic vegetarian tasting menu Ubud
Tofu, curry puree and popcorn

Mozaic feels much more formal and fancy than Locavore with ultra-attentive service and a romantic candle-lit garden setting. Each course was a work of art—creative and delicious, mixing European and Balinese flavours. Highlights were the tofu with curry puree and popcorn, melt-in-the-mouth linguine with parmesan foam, and an excellent coconut sorbet with coconut chips. It was another special experience that lasted hours and was the perfect place to celebrate Simon’s birthday.

Cuisine: Meat and vegetarian European tasting menus.
Cost for a Main Dish: 600,000 IDR + 21% for 6 course vegetarian tasting menu.
Details: Jalan Raya Sanggingan.
Website: Mozaic.

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Restaurants with Swimming Pools

If you fancy a swim after your meal, the restaurants below offer free use of their pool. You can also use the pool at the hotel next to The Elephant for a small fee. The infinity pool at Jungle Fish looks amazing and they have vegetarian options, but there’s a 150,000 IDR fee to use the pool.

For somewhere central, Folk on Monkey Forest Road has an attractive pool and good Western and Indonesian dishes. 

29) Beloved Earth Cafe

Ubud vegetarian - Beloved Earth cafe
Monster salad

The organic cafe at Swasti Eco Cottages uses vegetables from their garden. It’s not entirely vegetarian but they label the menu with vegan, raw, and gluten-free options. The setting is lovely in a bamboo building overlooking the garden, or you can eat by the pool. My monster salad was fantastic with lots of interesting ingredients including tempeh, edible flowers, kimchi, and coconut chips. Simon was less impressed with his veggie burger. They also serve great smoothies (2 for 1 from 5.30-7pm) and raw desserts.

Cuisine: Meat and vegetarian Indonesian and International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 38,000-52,000 IDR + 21%.
Details: Jalan Nyuh Bojog.
Website: Swasti Eco Cottages.

30) The Onion Collective (Delicious Onion)

The Onion Collective is a co-working space with a cafe and swimming pool (with slide!). It has a cool vibe and often hosts live music. Half the menu is vegetarian and although we enjoyed our burgers, especially the bean burger, mine was completely cold and the service was flaky.

Cuisine: Meat and vegetarian Indonesian and International.
Cost for a Main Dish: 37,000-55,000 IDR + 15%.
Details: Jalan Raya Pengosekan.
Website: The Onion Co.

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Coffee and Sweet Treats

Monsieur Spoon - best croissaints in Ubud
Cappuccino, almond croissant, and pain aux raisins at Monsiuer Spoon

My favourite treat is the vegan cakes at Sage. You can also find raw cakes at the restaurants listed in the Raw section above, and many of the others. Some contain honey so if you’re a strict vegan, you’ll need to check.

  • Seminan Coffee Studio – A hipster cafe that takes its coffee seriously. Simon loves the coffee here and also buys freshly ground beans to use at home. The french toast, smoothie bowl, and croissants make it a great option for breakfast.
  • Room4Dessert – Innovative (but pricey) desserts and cocktails in an ultra-cool bar that feels more New York than Ubud. For a real treat, skip dinner (or maybe have a few tapas in the garden restaurant) and try all nine desserts with the tasting menu.
  • Monsieur Spoon – The best croissants in town.
  • Caramel Patisserie– Simon’s favourite cakes, especially the trichoc and red velvet. They can custom make birthday cakes.
  • Gaya Gelato – Our favourite gelato. The chocolate, pistachio, and coconut are especially good and took us back to Italy.
  • Kokolato – Vegan ice-cream made with healthy ingredients. I like the moringa mint chip. Many of the above restaurants sell it.

Ubud Vegetarian Restaurants Map

The red markers are vegetarian or vegan restaurants and the blue markers are vegetarian-friendly but serve meat or fish.

More Ubud Posts

If you’d like to spend some time by the beach in Bali, the best vegetarian food is in the hipster surf town Canggu—read our vegetarian guide to Canggu

Ubud is definitely one of the most vegetarian and vegan friendly places in Asia. There is an absurd amount of choice—I left many restaurants off this list that in most other places we’d love. If you are vegetarian or just love healthy food, don’t miss it.


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