A Doors Off Helicopter Kauai Tour: Is It Worth it?

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I won’t keep you guessing—a doors off helicopter tour of Kauai is 100% worth it and is the best thing we did on the island. In fact, it’s one of our favourite ever travel experiences—it seriously blew our minds.

Kauai is one of the world’s most beautiful islands and the best way to appreciate the dramatic scenery of The Garden Isle is from above.

It’s the oldest Hawaiian island, and although it is volcanic in origin, the last eruption occurred millions of years ago, and since then erosion has shaped the craggy sea cliffs and the mountains have become covered in lush rainforest.

A helicopter trip is one of the top things to do in Kauai and we originally planned to take a regular Kauai helicopter tour (one with doors), but I kept reading rave reviews of the doors off helicopter rides.

At first I was reluctant—flying without anything between us and the ground far below seemed terrifying and wouldn’t it be freezing and windy?

But there is one major advantage—an unobscured view for photos without having to deal with the reflections when shooting through glass.

We decided to get over our fear and go for the adventurous option.

There are only a few companies offering doors off helicopter trips on Kauai, and we decided on Jack Harter. We compare them to other Kauai helicopter tours below.

Note: Our trip was not sponsored (we paid our own way everywhere in Hawaii), we just really loved it.


Getting Onboard Our Kauai Helicopter Tour

After some agonising, we decided on a 2 pm Kauai helicopter tour (more on the best time to fly below).

Jack Harter’s doors off helicopter trips are for 60–65 minutes (some company’s “hour-long” tours are more like 50–55 minutes) and believe me, it goes by fast, and you’ll want every extra minute in the air.

We checked in at the Jack Harter office where they discreetly weigh you, which determines which seat you’ll be in. You’ll also need to leave behind anything that could blow away (more tips on preparing for the trip at the end of the post).

From there it’s a short minibus ride to their field at Lihue airport where we waited in an open-air seating area for our helicopter and had a security briefing.

One of the advantages of the open door helicopter is that they only seat four passengers plus the pilot, whereas the best doors-on helicopters (the Eco-Star) seat five passengers, so you could end up in the back middle seat which has the worst view (this happened to Simon on our Oahu doors off helicopter tour).

As we were lighter than the couple we were flying with, we were seated in the front with the pilot and they were in the back by themselves.

Neither option is bad—in the front you can see out the front window as well as the doorless sides, but one of you (Simon is this case) is crammed into the rather small middle seat and isn’t next to a door (or lack of one).

In the back, both passengers get window seats, but you don’t have the full frontal view. You don’t have a choice anyway, so it’s not worth worrying about where you end up.

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Take Off

Preparing for our doors of helicopter tour in Kauai with Jack Harter

Once our helicopter had landed the crew helped us into our seats and buckled us up in our thankfully robust harnesses. We had two-way headphones which enabled us to talk to our pilot Ben and hear his commentary as we flew over the island.

Before we had time to think about what was happening, we rose gracefully straight up into the air.

It was unnerving at first having nothing between me and the earth below and I clung on to the loop above the door frame.

It’s didn’t take long to get used to it, though, and I soon felt at ease and got busy snapping photos of the extraordinary landscapes below us.

The first view on our doors off helicopter tour of Kauai with Jack Harter
Flying over Kalapaki Beach and airport

At first we flew over the golf courses and beaches of the resorts near the airport, before flying surprisingly close over the first of many lush green mountains.

The ride was smoother and warmer than I expected and the wind didn’t bother me, although I could feel its power if I tried to lean my camera out beyond the doors.

Soon we left the more developed parts of the island and soared over vibrant mountains and farmland, the trees looking like tiny pieces of broccoli below us.

Flying over the mountains of southern Kauai on our Jack Harter doors off helicopter tour

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Jurassic Park Waterfall

Our trip took us around the entire island in a clockwise direction, and the first major sight was Manawaiopuna Falls which was featured in the Jurassic Park movie (it’s where they land the helicopter).

It was clear why a helicopter ride is one of the top things to do in Kauai.

Manawaiopuna Falls aka Jurassic Park Falls on Kauai on our Jack Harter doors off helicopter tour

There’s no way to reach the falls on foot or by road as it’s on private land and surrounded by the rainforest covered mountains of the Hanapepe Valley.

The 400 ft (122m) falls are a stunning sight from above. Our pilot did a good job of circling around so that both sides got a good view.

Beyond we came across even more waterfalls—a series of six or more all plunging into blue pools surrounded by the verdant mountains. We’d never seen waterfalls from this angle before and it was a special sight.

Waterfalls on a doors off helicopter Kauai tour with Jack Harter

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Olokele and Waimea Canyons

Olokele Canyon on a Jack Harter doors off helicopter tour of Kauai island, Hawaii

As we headed further west the landscape became drier, greens beginning to fade to brown as we flew through the Olokele Canyon.

Olokele Canyon on a Jack Harter doors off helicopter tour of Kauai island, Hawaii

This merged into one of Kauai’s highlights, the Waimea Canyon, known as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.

Waimea Canyon on a doors off helicopter Kauai tour with Jack Harter in Hawaii

We’d visited Waimea by car a few days earlier and we loved flying down into the canyon that we’d only observed from distant viewpoints.

It was a more immersive experience and we could really appreciate its scale from above.

Waimea Canyon on a doors off helicopter Kauai tour with Jack Harter in Hawaii

The canyon is immense at around 14 miles (23 km) long, 1 mile (1.6 km) wide, and up to 3,600 feet (1,100 metres) deep. 

The orange and red earth contrasts with the bright green of clusters of trees growing down its rugged sides.

Waimea Canyon on a doors off helicopter Kauai tour with Jack Harter in Hawaii
Waterfall at Waimea Canyon on a doors off helicopter Kauai tour with Jack Harter in Hawaii
Waimea Canyon on a doors off helicopter Kauai tour with Jack Harter in Hawaii
Note how tiny the helicopter in the upper left corner looks!

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Na Pali Coast

Just when you think the scenery can’t get any better, it does. The Na Pali coast is the most beautiful part of Kauai and is the highlight of the helicopter ride.

The Napali Coast in Kauai on a Jack Harter doors off helicopter trip in Hawaii

Na Pali means cliffs in Hawaiian and for 17 miles mammoth craggy sea cliffs soar above the ocean, some as much as 4,000 feet (1,200 m).

It’s the most stunning coastline I’ve ever visited and seeing it from a helicopter is the best way to experience it.

The pilot flying over the Napali Coast in Kauai on a Jack Harter doors off helicopter trip in Hawaii
Sitting next to the lack of door on a Jack Harter helicopter tour on Kauai and the Napali Coast

We also took a boat trip along the coast which was beautiful, and you can usually hike it along the strenuous Kalalau Trail, but the trail was closed when we visited after serious flooding and landslides. The trail has now reopened.

See Na Pali as many ways as you can, but by helicopter is something else.

We weaved in and out of the inlets, getting incredibly close to the massive jagged cliffs with their changing colours of greens and greys and oranges.

We soared above golden beaches and watched the enormous winter waves pound into the rocks.

It’s a breathtaking place.

Flying into one of the Na Pali coast's inlets in Kauai on a Jack Harter doors off helicopter trip in Hawaii
Flying into one of the Na Pali coast’s inlets
The stunning Napali coast on Kauai on a doors off helicopter tour with Jack Harter
A beach on the Napali coast on Kauai on a doors off helicopter tour with Jack Harter
Crashing waves on a beach on the Napali coast on Kauai on a doors off helicopter tour with Jack Harter in Hawaii
The Napali coast on Kauai on a doors off helicopter tour with Jack Harter

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North Shore

The north shore of Kauai on a Jack Harter doors off helicopter Kauai tour

The whole of Kauai’s North Shore is gorgeous.

Due to the landslides and road closures, we weren’t able to travel by road beyond Hanalei, so it was wonderful to see the beaches from Ke’e to Hanalei from above. It just confirmed that we must come back.

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Mount Waialeale

From the north coast we turned back inland to Mount Waialeale which rises to 5,243 feet (1,598 metres) at the centre of the island.

Mount Waialeale on a doors off helicopter Kauai tour with Jack Harter
Waterfall at Mount Waialeale on a doors off helicopter Kauai tour with Jack Harter

Most of Kauai is green, but Mount Waialeale turns the vibrancy slider up to max.

The summit is one of the wettest places on Earth, with an average of 450 inches (11,430 mm) of rain annually. 

Every surface is covered in lush vegetation and waterfalls stream down its sides.

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Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls from a helicopter on Kauai

Finally, we returned to the eastern side of the island flying over farmland with cows that looked like teeny toys and the beautiful double waterfall of Wailua Falls, which we made sure we returned to by car later for a closer look.

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Is a Doors Off Helicopter Tour on Kauai Worth It?

At over $300 per person, our Kauai helicopter tour was by far our most expensive activity in Hawaii, but it was also the most memorable and one of our favourite ever travel experiences.

The scenery is truly awe-inspiring and the diversity of landscapes makes this the best Hawaiian island to take a helicopter trip on.

From the farmland of the south coast to the cliffs of the North Shore, the dry red Waimea Canyon to the ultra-wet Mount Waialeale, it’s all beautiful.

Are we glad we got over our fear and did the doors off helicopter tour? Absolutely!

The doors off experience wasn’t as scary or cold as we feared and it made for a more adventurous, immersive, and photo-friendly experience. 60 minutes flew by and we could happily have stayed up longer.

I highly recommend saving up for a helicopter trip on Kauai. Hawaii is a long way from anywhere so while you’re here you might as well make the most of it.

If you really can’t afford it, there are plenty of other things to do in Kauai, most of which cost nothing. 

Erin and Simon after their doors off helicopter tour of Kauai with Jack Harter

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The Best Time of Day for a Helicopter Tour of Kauai

I agonised over the best time of day for our helicopter trip.

The morning is often recommended as it’s usually calmer and less cloudy (especially in the winter when we visited), but the afternoon is better for light on the Na Pali coast as it’s in shadow in the morning, as can be the canyons.

We chose the 2 pm trip and it turned out to be the right decision as the Na Pali coast looked stunning and the afternoon is warmer. It was actually cloudy the morning of our trip and brightened up in the afternoon, so it worked out well.

Overall I think you’ll have an amazing time whenever you go. The weather is so changeable that every trip is different and has its pros and cons.

Some angles on our trip had beautiful lighting while at other times we were shooting into the sun. This will be the case at any time of day.

I recommend scheduling your ride near the beginning of your trip as they can be cancelled due to weather and you’ll want time to reschedule.

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Doors Off Helicopter Kauai Tips

  • Wear warm clothes — I wore jeans, t-shirt, cardigan, fleece, and running shoes and I was perfectly comfortable (and I feel the cold).
  • Leave any loose items in your car including hats and bags. For me this included my camera bag and lens cap.
  • Sunglasses are OK to wear, but I left mine behind as I was taking photos and didn’t want to take them off.
  • Tie back long hair.
  • They have plastic ties you can use to secure your phone to your wrist.
  • For photography, a wide angle lens is best, use continuous shooting mode, and aim for a shutter speed of at least 1/1000 to avoid motion blur.
  • I often get travel sick, but I didn’t have a problem on this flight. If you are worried, take medication like Dramamine an hour in advance.

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Our Kauai Helicopter Trip Details

Jack Harter Helicopter Tour

A 60-65 minute doors off helicopter trip on a Hughes 500 with Jack Harter costs $359 per person.

We booked on the Jack Harter website, but it’s rather outdated and we had to send credit card details to complete the reservation by email (phone or fax(!) is also fine). You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance.

They offer flights every hour or so throughout the day from 8.30am to 3.15pm. Our trip was at 2 pm in January. You need to check-in 45 minutes before your departure at their office at 4231 Ahukini Road in Lihue.

We were staying in Poipu just a 25-minute drive away. See my tips on where to stay in Kauai for a comparison of the different areas and resort reviews. 

Other Helicopter Tours in Kauai

A more affordable doors off helicopter tour on Kauai is the Doors Off Helicopter Tour with Air Kauai. This is easier to book than Jack Harter as you can book instantly via Viator. They cost $318 per person, but their helicopters seat more people (six vs four).

Another option is Moana Loa, which is the same price as Jack Harter and their helicopters only seat 2-3 people.

They all get similarly excellent reviews, so I’m sure you’ll have an amazing experience whichever you choose.

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A Cheaper Alternative: Scenic Flights Over Kauai

If you’d prefer to take a small plane trip over Kauai instead of a helicopter, you can also save money.

The Wings Over Kauai 65-minute Grande Deluxe air tour costs $159 so is less than half the price of a helicopter trip of a similar length. 

The planes accommodate 3-6 people and have windows, so it won’t be as easy to get good photos as on the doors-off helicopters. They also don’t fly as low as the helicopters, but the views are still stunning. 

Wings Over Kauai have superb reviews with many people reporting the planes are quieter and smoother than helicopters and better for those who are prone to motion sickness. Another advantage is that every seat is a window seat. 

As much as we loved our doors off helicopter, a plane ride is an excellent budget option for seeing Kauai from above. We’ll have to try it next time!

Check availability for the Wings Over Kauai plane trip here.

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  1. Just curious, is it best to book for seats in the back or in the front of the helicopter? The company I’m looking at, the cost is about $75-$100 more for the front but it sounds like you could maybe end up sitting in the middle seat for the front even if you pay extra. Does it matter?

    Reply ↓

    • I was using an Olympus OM-D EM-5 mirrorless camera at the time but have since upgraded to a Sony A7 III. Any camera that allows you to control the shutter speed should help when taking photos from a helicopter.

      Reply ↓

  2. Why is the Congressman from Hawaii sponsoring legislation to ban these tours? They are polluting. They are dangerous (people die regularly in helicopter crashes.) They ruin the experience for thousands of people on the ground. They create climate changing gasses… I could go on, but please stop promoting these selfish activities.

    Reply ↓

  3. Hi, I’m going back to Kauai early January 2022 and this time around I’m not leaving the island without doing a helicopter tour. I booked through Kauai.com for their off-door helicopter tour and picked the 3 pm time slot. I’m so confused whether I should keep the 3 pm slot or re-book to an earlier flight tour because I’m browsing around online majority says mornings are better? What’s your advice?

    Reply ↓

    • I’d keep the 3pm slot. We’re glad we went in the afternoon as the light looks better on the Napali coast in the afternoon. The mornings are suggested as the weather is often clearer and calmer, but that’s not always the case.

      Ultimately, I don’t think you can go wrong. Enjoy!

      Reply ↓

  4. Thank you for the review! Quick question – does the helicopter turn around periodically to let people on the other side to have the same view and people on the right?

    Reply ↓

  5. It’s true. A helicopter ride of Kauai is worth every penny you will be spending. Also, those tips you mentioned later will be more helpful to anyone taking the helicopter ride.

    Reply ↓

    • You can take your camera. They just asked us to leave loose items behind (like the bag and lens cap) as it would be easy to drop them out the door! I had my camera on a strap around my neck and was fine. They also gave us cable ties to attach phones to wrists.

      Reply ↓

  6. I lived on Kauai for 12 years, had a company called Paradiso Activities, so when a helicopter wasn’t full I got to fill an empty seat a lot. So I’ve seen the Napali Coast from the air many times; I’ve even knocked a few times and it’s totally worth it. SO WORTH IT!!!

    Reply ↓

  7. What GREAT photos and wonderful information. I did doors-off with Mauna Loa in January on Kauai. During previous visits, I did Jack Harter twice and the old Inter-Island out of Port Allen with the waterfall landing. I’ve also done the fixed-wing tour with Air Kauai. I agree about the quality of photos with doors-off, much easier with the glare, and some copters offering this option means you’re next to the frame. Jack Harter’s old and new copter the middle seat in the front has a great view from through the windshield but photos out the sides are difficult. That being said, I got some GREAT shots with the windshield.

    I had a doors-off, two-hour whole island trip booked on the Big Island in 2019, but weather caused the flight to be canceled and though I had allowed five days for this possibility, the weather tanked and I could not get rebooked. I found a cancellation on a company that flues a big copter, but the reflections on the glass compromised some otherwise stunning views.

    I would advise booking any air tour in advance where there’s often a discount. I would book early in your stay in case they company decides they need to cancel. Please don’t complain when they cancel because of weather even if you see other copters in the air. There’s nothing worse then spending big bucks for a lot of obscured vistas and certainly don’t complain if they say mechanical.

    Reply ↓

  8. Your review convinced me to do the doors off helicopter – best decision ever!! I was a bit nervous at first but after focusing on the view that all fell away. Truly one of the best experiences if my lifetime. The views were breathtaking!! Thanks!

    Reply ↓

    • Everyone going to the Hawaiian islands should have this on their MUST DO list!
      I am in a wheelchair and have no use of my legs but that didn’t phase the crew. I was helped into the helicopter and had the time of my life!
      I do recommend buying a lanyard for your phone before coming as it is much better to have your phone around your neck than your wrist. But, that just me and maybe perhaps due to me having to use my hands more. Whatever you do on the Island, don’t miss this!!!
      Thank you to the Jack Harter Crew and Pilot.

      Reply ↓

    • You won’t have a choice as the seats are chosen for you. I don’t think it matters that much as the pilot turns around a lot to give both sides views.

      Reply ↓

  9. Thank you very much for this write-up! It’ll probably end up being the reason why we decide to splurge on going doors-off. Neither of us has flown in a helicopter before and we don’t expect to do it on a recurring basis, so it seems like it would be worth going all-in the (possibly) one time we do it.

    Reply ↓

    • I was really nervous about going doors-off but it was so worth it! As you said, it’s not something we do regularly so you might as well go for the full experience.

      Reply ↓

  10. Your pictures are beautiful. We are planning a trip soon to Kauai and have been looking into the doors off tour (how I found you). What is the middle front seat experience for a photographer do you think? I feel like I’d be leaning around the pilot and other person to take pics.

    Reply ↓

    • The middle front seat would be tricky for photos and you would need to lean across. Simon was in the middle seat and took a few photos with his phone but he mostly leaves the photography up to me anyway.

      I think the lightest person onboard gets the middle seat. I was actually supposed to sit there but they let me swap with Simon as he doesn’t weigh that much more than me.

      If you are sat next to someone you know then it wouldn’t be that much of a big deal to lean across.

      Enjoy the ride!

      Reply ↓

    • They are Scarpa Margarita GTX shoes and Simon is obsessed with them! They are the only shoes he’s worn for many years as they are so versatile and comfy (even on an 80 mile hike!).

      Reply ↓

  11. We did a similar flight experience on Kauai a few years ago, and I agree – so worth it! We did not fly with the Harter crew – I can’t recall the name of the company, but the experience sounds similar, with one exception. At one point during our flight our pilot put us down on a tiny landing spot in the jungle, and just said, “follow that trail.” We did, and popped out at a small pool beneath a sweetly gorgeous waterfall completely hidden by overhead growth. So THAT’s why they suggested wearing bathing suits! It was an awesome experience, though making for a chilly last part of the flight due to moist clothing and the breeze from the lack of cabin doors. Well worth the $$ for a memory like that! Really digging you guys details on Iceland on your site as well! We’re headed there in a few months and appreciate your shared details!

    Reply ↓

  12. So cool! I did a helicopter tour of the big island, door included, but definitely adding this one to the bucket list.

    Reply ↓

    • Thank you for your review, photos and recommendation. I’ll be on Kauai for July 4th weekend and BOOKED my doors off helicopter tour. Your recommendation solidified the decision for me. Mahalo

      Reply ↓

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