Trail Wallet 3.0: Making Travel Budgeting More Fun

We’re excited to announce the launch of Trail Wallet 3, now available in the App Store!

Trail Wallet has been keeping travellers on budget for over two years, starting from very humble beginnings and evolving into something that provides a good chunk of our monthly income and boasts over 23,000 downloads and 172 reviews worldwide with an average rating of 4.4 stars. Which is nuts, you guys!

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Tap Tap Power! My First Game Now Available!

Video games represent the meeting point of my four main interests in life: coding, music, drawing, and writing. It’s been my dream for a while now to make a game in the mould of the classic Lucasarts graphic adventures (The Secret of Monkey Island, Sam and Max Hit The Road, Day of the Tentacle, etc.) and I’ve been taking slow but steady steps towards realising this dream. I already have a degree in music, I’m now a pretty competent iOS developer, and this year I’ve been working on my writing and illustration.

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The 21 Best iPhone Apps for Digital Nomads

Apple’s iOS devices have significantly changed the way we travel, providing immediate access to useful information and allowing us to capture more of our experiences on the road. The GPS capabilities mean that we never get lost (unless we choose to deliberately) and the high quality cameras mean that a unique moment is never missed.

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Introducing the Never Ending Voyage Store

The more we travel, the more we’ve found that the best stuff in the world comes from individuals or companies who have dedicated themselves to producing the greatest work possible or providing the best service they can. Much of our Slow Travel Manifesto is based on this tradition of craftsmanship—from artisanal Tuscan cheese producers to Japanese chefs—and we love finding people who are passionate about the process of creation. We want to continue that tradition in our own, small and uniquely digital way.

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