My New Game, Barista!, Is Out Now

I recently completed and launched my new game, Barista!—a fast-paced coffee creation game in which you have to fulfil all of the orders and get to the end of the day before your grumpy boss Jim fires you. It’s available on the App Store now for free!

At this point, I’m supposed to say: “you should totally play it! it’s amazing!”

Here’s the thing, though: it’s not the most fun game ever.

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“If you actually go and experience someone else’s culture…you can’t help but connect to the humanity within them…People have to get out and interact.” ~ Ali Smith

“In order to see that interconnectedness we need to be open to it, which means to be curious about the world.” ~ Alan Senauke

Made by three friends and fellow nomads—Guy Reid, Christoph Ferstad, and Steve Watts Kennedy—over the course of three years, Planetary is a subtle and stunning documentary that asks us to reconsider our role in the environmental and social crises that are currently affecting our planet.
But it is also a love letter to travel, emphasising the importance of contact with both the natural world and of other cultures in order to get back in touch with our common humanity, too often lost in the frenetic pace and bright distractions of modern life.

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Trail Wallet 3.0: Making Travel Budgeting More Fun

We’re excited to announce the launch of Trail Wallet 3, now available in the App Store!

Trail Wallet has been keeping travellers on budget for over two years, starting from very humble beginnings and evolving into something that provides a good chunk of our monthly income and boasts over 23,000 downloads and 172 reviews worldwide with an average rating of 4.4 stars. Which is nuts, you guys!

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