1. I was a little nervous with the skittering little devils in Kathmandu. Glad everything turned out OK and no rabies. I JUST discovered this blog and it’s really driving me crazy now as I probably have 5 years before I can leave the US behind for Thailand! Well, I’ll just have to take a couple of weeks vacation and check it out before 2015!

    Thanks for a WONDERFUL, informative, inspirational and FUNNY site. I especially enjoy the good-natured digs at Simon as I’m a drifter who isn’t anywhere near completing this journey or figuring out what I’m supposed to be doing – must be my only-child nature to want it all? lol…

    Take care and THANKS for helping me decide the nomad life is NOT too crazy or beyond my reach.

    (somewhere near Boston on my houseboat under 2 feet of snow and -20F with the wind chill)

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  2. We were on Monkey Island in Halong Bay, Vietnam, and my boyfriend made the mistake of offering a monkey the Oreo half without the cream… it chased him down the beach!

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