Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in San Pancho, Mexico

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For such a small town San Pancho has a surprising number of excellent restaurants, many of which are vegetarian friendly, ranging from simple taco stands to gourmet bistros. The range of veggie street food isn’t as diverse as in big cities like Mexico City and is usually limited to cheese quesadillas, so to avoid boredom vegetarians need to spend a bit more on some of the other restaurants in town, or cook for themselves.

Although we didn’t try every restaurant in town we did make it to most of them and the ones listed here are our favourites, ordered roughly from cheapest to most expensive with some sweet treats at the end. Many restaurants close in San Pancho during the May to October low season, or keep sporadic hours—we had to be flexible and not have our hearts set on eating at a particular place as chances are it could be closed. Most restaurants are on the main street Avenida Tercer Mundo, or just off it—everywhere in San Pancho is easily walkable.


A popular inexpensive taco place with plastic chairs on the side of the main street. Vegetarian options are limited to cheese quesadillas or sopes but they have an extensive salad/salsa bar where you can add things like beans, roasted chiles, cucumber, onions, and a range of fresh and cooked salsas.
Avenida Tercer Mundo

Los Tacos con Eva

Vegetarian Mexico: Cheese & mushroom quesadilla
Cheese and mushroom quesadilla at Eva’s

Eva’s is similar to Delfines but I prefer it as there is an option of a mushroom, onion and cheese quesadilla, they serve them with grilled onions on the side, and the salad bar is just as diverse.
Calle Egipto con Asia

Baja Taqueria

Veggie taco at Baja Taqueria, San Pancho
Veggie taco at Baja Taqueria

It’s really hard to find a vegetarian taco in Mexico but Baja Taqueria has a delicious veggie taco stuffed with grilled vegetables sautéed in garlic with melted cheese and topped with cabbage, tomato and their tasty salsas. They also have a cheese quesadilla and some nice salads. At 27 pesos ($2) per taco it’s more expensive than the first two options but the quality is higher and the restaurant is a bit more upmarket (i.e the chairs aren’t plastic!).
Avenida Tercer Mundo

Entre Amigos

Entre Amigos cafe, San Pancho
Entre Amigos set lunch: seitan with mustard sauce, rice, beans and salad

The only 100% vegetarian (actually vegan) restaurant is inside the Entre Amigos community centre. There are a few things on the menu like breakfasts, juices, burgers, and a tasty vegan Spanish tortilla but they also have a 50 pesos ($3.70) set lunch that changes each day. The food is healthy and flavourful but I’m not a big fan of seitan which they use a lot.
Avenida Tercer Mundo (nearer to the highway than the beach)

Dolce Amore

Dolce Amore, San Pancho
Pesto pasta at Dolce Amore

An Italian restaurant with a simple menu of pasta dishes. The portions come in huge bowls, enough to serve two so at around 100 pesos ($7.40) a dish it is pretty good value when shared. We had pasta with pesto and although I enjoyed it and it satisfied my pesto craving it tasted like jarred pesto and wasn’t anything special.
Avenida Tercer Mundo


Darjeeling pizza, San Pancho
Cherry tomato, capers and basil pizza with toppings at Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a cool laid-back place with friendly staff and an interesting mix of gourmet teas, delicious wood oven pizzas, and the best live music in town (go on Friday nights to see Dos Bertos y Las Musas). There are lots of veggie pizzas but our favourite was the San Pancho with four cheeses and rocket (arugala).
Avenida Tercer Mundo


Vegetarian baguette, Marias
Vegetarian baguette at Marias

We went here occasionally for lunch to satisfy our sandwich craving with the vegetarian baguette with fries, or the pretty decent nachos. Portions are massive so although 60-80 pesos ($4.50-6) a dish seems a bit expensive they are big enough to share. I also liked their green juices and Simon likes the pancakes. Some digital nomads in town say it’s one of the best places to work.
Avenida Tercer Mundo

Cafe Arte

Caprese panini at Cafe Arte, San Pancho
Caprese panini at Cafe Arte

Cafe Arte is pricey but we’ve found it to be worth it. The fresh pastas are delicious and we loved the caprese panini, although it is inconsistent—it was made and presented differently the second time we went there but we still liked it. Pasta dishes come with their tasty homemade bread.
Avenida Tercer Mundo

Bistro Organico

Bistro Organico, San Pancho

Our favourite restaurant in town is a gourmet organic restaurant inside the boutique hotel Cielo Rojo. The courtyard setting is lovely and the food is made with love. Full meals here are expensive—we spent about $50 on a blow out three course meal with cocktails—but breakfasts are more affordable (around 80 pesos ($6) a dish) and just as delicious.

Goats cheese and pesto bruschetta, Bistro Organico, San Pancho
Goats cheese, pesto and roast tomato bruschetta at brunch
Berry cake, Bistro Organico, San Pancho
Yummy berry cake

Everything we ate here was wonderful including the freshly made rosemary bread with olive oil that came before our meal, the unusual hibiscus flower sopes, the goats cheese and spinach salad, and the amazing berry cake. There are only two mains for vegetarians (pasta and lasagna) but the salads are half the price and was enough for me with dessert. The breakfast menu is almost entirely vegetarian. I loved the Tuscan sandwich on wholemeal bread with goats cheese, pesto, tomato and avocado (I skipped the egg), served with rosemary potatoes. Calle Asia

La Patrona

La Patrona is the fancy polo club where you can enjoy a meal while watching the action on the field. It’s expensive and there aren’t many vegetarian options at dinner but brunch is better although still expensive at 1,100 pesos ($50) for all you can eat/drink including mimosas. It’s a decadent way to spend a Sunday morning.
Calle Ceilan

Sweet Treats

Cafe Paraiso

Cafe Paraiso, San Pancho
Cappuccino and chocolate cupcake at Cafe Paraiso

Cafe Paraiso is the only coffee shop in town but luckily it’s a good one with an extensive menu including Simon’s favourite mocha frappuccino and some delicious homemade cupcakes (try the coconut), banana bread, and brownies.
Avenida Tercer Mundo

French Place

The “French place” only opened in April 2013 and doesn’t have a sign so we can’t remember the name. It’s down near the beach which is the perfect location to pick up one of their excellent gelatos (the coconut is so good). Meals aren’t very veggie friendly and although they do have crepes they had always run out when we went there. They also sometimes have baguettes and pastries from the French bakery in Sayulita, which would be amazing but they freeze them.
Avenida Tercer Mundo

There are a few places that Victoria at Bridges and Balloons writes about in her reasons to love San Pancho post that we didn’t manage to make it to before they closed for the low season including Casa Emilia for breakfast and Cafe Mañana for cakes and coffee.

For a better idea of which dishes to look out for see our Vegetarian Survival Guide to Mexico.


  1. Ha ha! I have been a follower of your blog for a little while. I literally just got back from San Pancho less than 24 hours ago and loved it so much. I forgot about this post completely until I saw it today on your site. I loved this town so much I want to live there for a few months.

    Unfortunately I never had the chance to visit any of these places, but for all those non vegetarians out there, Mr. Ribs has the most amazing garlic chicken ever! The most amazing pina colada ever can be found at the end of main street on the beach *place with blue shirts and blue stand alone washroom) (their food is not so great though) And Sam, the Canadian owner of the Santa Madre Surf Shop is an awesome guy and can book you some great tours for cheap.

    Reply ↓

  2. Hi,

    I like your notion of slow travel. Being older than you lot, I travel slower, i.e. six months to a year per spot. I have been in Mexico now for three years after several years in Europe.. I am canadian.

    Oh yes, mexico…. Beach-Yucatan and PV—-too hot, many mosquitoes and strange low altitude diseases, i.e. dengue, and now Morelia which is actually quite lovely and a high altitude without many bugs or poisonous things or dengue or malaria to worry about and it is cool at night always and the days are hot and dry, and banditos and military have their own games down toward the coast. The city is quiet and the people fine. Grub is good and fresh and costs are low. I live in a gated community with golf, club, guards, brick roads, gardener, maid and all for 40,000 pesos per month.

    I am now moving to south east asia, i.e. chiang mai and that was how i came upon your blog. I will be moving off to Switzerland soon though and then apply for a year visa in thailand since I am 59. We bought a house in Switzerland for later on when we finish with this world travel. I am never going back to Canada because that place is racist… but that is another story.

    I am not a vegetarian so your menus are interesting to read.

    Good luck with your travels and your life.

    Reply ↓

    • Glad you enjoyed your time in Morelia. I actually like the heat, but we did enjoy our time up in Guanajuato too. Enjoy your time in Switzerland and Thailand.

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  3. What an interesting find! We only went to Mexico City, where we found a couple of vegan and vegan-friendly eats. I found Colombia to be very vegan-friendly with loads of healthy local eateries.

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  4. Great to know that there are some veggie options, Amy’s been reading how hard it is to find veggie food in South America, so this is welcome news, and it all looks great too! Typical that the ‘French Place’ would be not so veggie friendly. :)

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  5. I agree with Nick, the food looks absolutely delicious and the proces are affordable too. I like the photo quality :)

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  6. I love your food recommendations, and we’ve used several of them in South America, but reading them when I can’t get that kind of food is just torture! (I know, first world problem!)

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  7. Mmm. This post appeared in my feed at just the right time…off to lunch!

    (though Luang Prabang doesn’t have nearly as diverse veggie options, sigh…)

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