We’re Sailing the Amalfi Coast with Intersailclub!

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We fell in love with sailing last year when we learnt to be Competent Crew while sailing around the Langkawi islands in Malaysia. We were captivated by the tranquility of life at sea; the freedom of being able to stop anywhere—a beach for lunch and a swim, a hidden cove for the night; and the beauty of sailing into sunsets and under the stars. We knew we wanted to sail more so we’re excited to announce that this summer we’ll be sailing the Amalfi Coast in Italy with Intersailclub!

It was serendipity—we’d put getting more sailing experience at the top of our list of things to do this year, but we had no idea when or where. Then Intersailclub got in touch to invite us on one of their Italy sailing trips—we’d be able to sail in one of our favourite countries!

About Intersailclub

Intersailclub was launched last year by Italian captain Luca Lianza and some of his sailing friends. His mission is to make sailing possible for everyone—not just the wealthy.

Intersailclub is the Airbnb of sailing. It brings together captains and their yachts with travellers who’d like to join them on a sailing holiday. Rather than chartering a whole yacht which is very expensive (although you can do that on the site), you can book just a cabin and share the trip with other travellers. It’s ideal for solo travellers and couples who can’t afford to charter a whole boat, but want a more intimate sailing experience than a big cruise.

Intersailclub websiteOn the website you can browse through sailing trips all over the world—from Sicily to Sudan to Samoa. Each listing gives information about the itinerary, activities, type of yacht, and price per person. What makes Intersailclub unique is the social aspect—you can read reviews from previous travellers and find out who has booked on the trip. Everyone who books creates a profile so you can read more about their interests and decide if you want to spend a week on a boat with them. You can even chat with other travellers to get to know them before the trip starts.

If you have any questions you can message the captain directly or contact Intersailclub who’ll help you choose the right boat and advise on flights, land transfers, and travel insurance.

One of the things I love about Intersailclub is the themed trips available where you combine sailing with other activities—scuba diving in Sudan, kiteboarding in Croatia, yoga in Sicily. You can spend hours daydreaming on this site.

But I think we’re going on the best themed trip of all…

Our Wine and Sail Trip on the Amalfi Coast

Our life is about to get ridiculously glamorous. In June we’ll be joining the Intersailclub Wine and Sail tour of the Amalfi coast on a 20 metre (65 foot) luxury yacht. We’ll be staying in one of the four cabins (each with private bathroom), although I think we’ll spend most of our time in the very comfortable looking lounge area on deck.

Intersailclub IntersailclubAlthough this will be my 11th trip to Italy we’ve never been to the Amalfi coast so we’re very excited to explore this gorgeous part of the country. We’ll be sailing to the Gulf of Naples islands of Procida, Ischia, and Capri (where I look forward to sampling caprese salad), then on to the Amalfi coast: Positano, Salerno, Cetara, and Amalfi.

Positano is one of the gorgeous stops on the sailing trip.

As if all that stunning scenery wasn’t enough we’ll also be visiting four wineries along the way to sample local wines and food.

Sailing, wine, Italian food—it sounds like our perfect trip!

We’re keen to help out with the sailing as we don’t want to forget everything we learnt last year. When we asked Captain Luca if this was possible he said “my boat is your boat”. I have a feeling he might struggle to get rid of us…

Any company that makes it easier to find sailing trips around the world is something we want to support and we can’t wait to experience Intersailclub for ourselves this summer.

If you’d like to join us on the Wine and Sail trip there is currently a special offer with 10% off so prices start from €621 per person.

Photo credit: The yacht photos are courtesy of Intersailclub. The Positano photo is by bcnbits on Flickr used under the creative commons licence. 

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  1. I’m inquiring into a sailing holiday , say 7 days around the Amalfi coast during September 2017 .
    could you forward me details as to availability , type of vessel number of guests ,itinerary , costs for two, etc.

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