How We Find Apartments Around the World

View from our apartment in Medellin, Colombia.

We may be travelling permanently but this doesn’t mean we spend all our time in hostels and hotels. Living in hotels may seem a glamorous life but it gets old fast. After a while we crave a couch, reliable internet and a kitchen so we don’t have to eat out for every meal. Most importantly we need a comfortable and quiet place to focus on work (unfortunately an essential part of the digital nomad thing).

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100 Greatest Travel Experiences: How Many Have We Done?

People who hear that we plan to travel forever sometimes ask us if we’ll run out of places to visit. Now we can point them to Wanderlust’s list of 100 Greatest Travel Experiences. The British travel magazine asked readers to vote on what they consider the ultimate travel experiences, as travel is more about the experiences you have in a place than the country itself.

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