Nomadic Interviews: Anil Polat the Fox Nomad

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The latest permanent traveller to answer our questions is Anil Polat who runs an impressive four websites. His main blog FoxNomad is packed full of travel tips, and his other sites deal with different specialisms: Tech Guide For Travel, Travel Blog Advice and How to Travel With Pets.

1) How long have you been travelling and where have you been?

I was lucky enough to be born to two journalist parents and traveling has been a part of my life for a long time. Early on I spent a lot of time between Turkey and the United States and later as a professional computer security consultant then blogger in over 30 countries.

2) Did you plan to travel for so long? What made you stay on the road?

I’ve always wanted to travel and keep on the move. I suppose I like the variety and enjoy seeing how various people live their daily lives.

3) How do you fund your travels?

Currently it’s through advertising across my 4 travel blogs and ebook sales though I don’t limit myself. I explore many opportunities for new streams of income when they present themselves.

4) Do you find it difficult to balance travel and work? How do you manage it?

I’m terrible at it! The best way for me to not overwork is to keep a good calendar that makes time for play and make sure I have a list of things to check off. It’s a lot easier to get away from the laptop when you feel like you’ve accomplished a few things you set out to do.

5) You write about “the geeky side of backpacking” on Tech Guide for Travel. What are some of your favourite travel gadgets and how have they improved your travel experience?

My new obsession are eReaders like the Nook and Kindle – so simple but useful and effective as travel gadgets. I read all the time and the weight that’s been cut out of my backpack is incredible plus I like that they’re not the flashiest of gadgets. Another nifty tool I carry is a small USB wireless antenna that helps extend my wi-fi range 3-5 times.

Photo by Anil Polat
Photo by Anil Polat

6) You obviously need an internet connection for your work, but do you let this stop you going to places without internet? How do you deal with crappy connections?

Aside from the wireless antenna and extending my immediate range I plan most of my movements around Internet connectivity. I can’t really go longer than a week or so (absolute tops) offline but before I am away I’ll make sure I’ve got posts scheduled and major projects out of the way.

7) What is the best food you’ve eaten on your travels?

Really tough one! I love food and will basically eat anything but one new favorite is porotos granados from Chile. Beans, pumpkin, and cranberry…a unique blend of flavors that hit the right spot.

8 ) You recently travelled in Iraq with Wandering Earl. How was it and would you recommend a visit to other travellers?

It was one of the best travel experiences I’ve ever had – and nothing like I expected on so many levels. So many of my preconceptions turned out to be wrong which is one reason I love traveling. I would recommended it for experienced travelers who are comfortable operating with a limited tourist infrastructure. It’s not for everyone – yet – but if things go as they have, in 5-10 years northern Iraq will be a very welcoming travel destination.

9) What are some of your other favourite off the beaten track destinations?

I don’t know if they’re considered off-the-beaten path but I’d say the Philippines as a whole and eastern Turkey.

10) Where are you heading to next? Do you think you’ll ever settle down in one place?

Immediately up next in some order or another are Bahrain, Oman, Azerbaijan, and Georgia. I’ll probably slow down one day and settle down somewhere…but it won’t be anytime soon!

You can follow Anil’s travels on his blog FoxNomad, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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  1. Another great Nomadic Interview! We have learned SO MANY travel tech related things through Anil’s site – thanks to him we have a VPN and TrueCrypt – things we didn’t even know existed! We weren’t aware that Anil also runs a travel blog advice website – we’ll check it out right now!

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  2. Always fun learning about other travel bloggers that we’ve developed a great deal of respect for. Thanks for sharing guys! ;-)

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    • The cheesy answer is that I’m really passionate about writing and the topics themselves. Also, a good schedule ahead of time lets the ideas for posts marinate in my head for a while, so when it comes down to writing it’s a bit easier :)

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