Monkey Attack! An Illustrated Tale

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Inspired by a true experience at Koh Lanta National Park in Thailand.

Out of the woods comes a monkey. Simon says "Hey, what a cute little monkey!"

The monkey is looking in Simon's bag. Simon says: "Er, excuse me Mr Monkey but I would be most grateful if you didn't try stealing my stuff while I'm sitting right here.

The monkey looks innocent and asks with an "Ook?" if Simon is talking to him. Realising he is, he launches into a psychotic rage with an "EEEEEEKKK!"

Simon sees the angry Monkey and screams "Rabies!" in a panic as the monkey comes at him Manga style.

As the sun sets behind them, we see the monkey leaping towards a defensive Simon.

The monkey bites hard into Simon's arm as he screams "Aaarrggghhh!"

The monkey runs off along the beach, leaving a bloody and defeated Simon leaning against a tree.

Erin finds Simon lying against the tree. Simon: "I don't think I'm going to make it. You have to go on without me...Just consider becoming a nun, 'kay?"

Erin carries Simon to the hospital. Erin: "Not so fast, hero. I need you to keep the website running. So, tell me again how something one-fifth your size defeated you?" Simon: "Wurgle."

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40 Comments (2 pingbacks)

  1. This is such a clever idea! I used to think I was the only person who had been attacked by a monkey (in India) but turns out those little guys are quite vicious. Can’t complain though-mine didn’t require any rabies shots! Glad you were able to find the injections you needed.

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  2. Learned loads about monkeys on a trip to Kenya. Nasty little so and so’s. There is a reason the locals carry sticks and they know what a tourist is. Glad you are ok.

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  3. Ah, this is brilliant! I was once attacked by a monkey in Bali. The near heart attack I had while it came charging at me was worse than the actual bite on my leg.

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    • I’m beginning to think there is a simian conspiracy the world over. We need to watch them closely lest they make a grab for world power.

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  4. What a cool way of telling a story. Makes me realize that carrying a sword while traveling might be a good idea, or it might just be a sign of the normal kind of comics that I read. And monkeys seem just about as vicious as the parked cars that attack me when I am in the city. Is nowhere safe?
    Rabies shots are notably painful. Hope you are doing ok.

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    • Yes. A sword. Once airlines loosen the restrictions on carry on, that’s my next big purchase.

      Shots were fine—they have a reputation but these days it’s just like being punched in the arm. Five times.

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  5. Amazing! That gave me a much needed laugh, while we’re sitting in a Uruguayan beach town…while it’s raining. Boo. Anyway, great comic! Looking forward to more.

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    • Not these days. Just a series of 5 shots spread out over a couple of months. The hardest part of the whole process was finding them (easy in Thailand, but only found the last one in Italy through pure chance!)

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