The Rare Sight of Jumping Manta Rays in Puerto Escondido

In five years of full time travel we’ve never seen dolphins or whales—somehow we always miss the right time of year or just get unlucky. It’s been on our bucket list for a long time and we hoped that our luck would change in Puerto Escondido, a beach town on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, where we’re living for a month. It’s whale season, but despite reports of others seeing whales and swimming with dozens of dolphins, we went out on a boat trip with low expectations—our past experience had taught us that much.

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How We Find Apartments Around the World Part 4 (2014)

If we stay anywhere for at least a week we’ll try to rent an apartment—it’s how we feel at home without ever having a home. This is the fourth year of our series about how we find apartments as we travel. Last year we found some wonderful places without the struggles we’d had in previous years, and I asked whether we were just lucky or whether we were getting better at the search. This year was another good year, and although I think our experience helps, holiday rentals are becoming more common, and sites like Airbnb are making it much easier to find apartments in advance, without having to turn up and put in the leg work.

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Trail Wallet 3.0: Making Travel Budgeting More Fun

We’re excited to announce the launch of Trail Wallet 3, now available in the App Store!

Trail Wallet has been keeping travellers on budget for over two years, starting from very humble beginnings and evolving into something that provides a good chunk of our monthly income and boasts over 23,000 downloads and 172 reviews worldwide with an average rating of 4.4 stars. Which is nuts, you guys!

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