Sailing the Amalfi Coast with Intersailclub: A Photo Essay

The Amalfi Coast is a dramatic stretch of coastline in southern Italy. Craggy green mountains plunge into the Mediterranean with colourful towns clinging precariously to their sides. The best way to see the coast is by boat—you get a real sense of the location, can marvel how the towns were built into the steep mountainside, and avoid nauseating bus rides on the windy roads.

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Discovering the Secrets of Olive Oil on a Rome Day Trip

If you’ve ever tasted really good olive oil you’ll understand how easily you can become obsessed with the liquid gold. Excellent olive oil can change your life—it did for Johnny Madge, an Englishman who visited Italy over 30 years ago and, after trying it, knew he had to learn more. So he moved to Italy and became an olive oil expert.

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The Cost of Living in Oaxaca, Mexico

We’d originally planned to spend longer in Puerto Escondido on the Oaxacan coast, but as accommodation was more expensive than expected we moved on to Oaxaca City, the capital of the state. The colonial city is located at 1550 metres in the foothills of the Sierra Madre and is known for its beautiful architecture, local cuisine, indigenous culture, and vibrant arts scene.

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How to Pack Carry-On Only for Cold Weather

Many people think that travelling with just carry-on luggage to cold climates is impossible. While it is trickier than packing for a beach holiday there’s no reason why you can’t pack light in the winter too. We’ve been living out of our carry-on sized backpacks for over five years now and can’t imagine travelling any other way. At the beginning of May we visited Finland (including a ski trip in Lapland) for ten days with just hand luggage and found it even easier than usual.

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“If you actually go and experience someone else’s culture…you can’t help but connect to the humanity within them…People have to get out and interact.” ~ Ali Smith

“In order to see that interconnectedness we need to be open to it, which means to be curious about the world.” ~ Alan Senauke

Made by three friends and fellow nomads—Guy Reid, Christoph Ferstad, and Steve Watts Kennedy—over the course of three years, Planetary is a subtle and stunning documentary that asks us to reconsider our role in the environmental and social crises that are currently affecting our planet.
But it is also a love letter to travel, emphasising the importance of contact with both the natural world and of other cultures in order to get back in touch with our common humanity, too often lost in the frenetic pace and bright distractions of modern life.

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