12 Items That Make Carry-On Travel Easy

My book, The Carry-On Traveller: The Ultimate Guide to Packing Light, is on sale this week for only $0.99 on Amazon US or 99p on Amazon UK. That’s 80% off the normal price of $4.99!

After over six years of full-time travel with just a carry-on backpack, we couldn’t imagine travelling any other way. We save time at airports, save money on checked luggage fees, and reduce the stress of lugging heavy bags. Most importantly, we’ve gained freedom—we can pack all of our belongings in ten minutes and head off on the next adventure.

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Exploring Gaudi’s Fantastical Buildings in Barcelona

Gaudi’s fantastical modernist buildings are part of what makes Barcelona unique. Exploring his extravagant architecture was a major focus of our trip, and to learn more about him we joined a Gaudi in Context walk. We rarely do tours, but we find that Context Travel’s walks are much better than most as groups are small (no more than six people) and are led by real experts.

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Why Gracia is the Perfect Neighbourhood to Stay in Barcelona

Many people think the best place to stay in Barcelona is on Las Ramblas, the famous boulevard in the centre of the city. Sure, you’ll be close to the tourist sights here, but it’s also crowded, noisy, and full of overpriced restaurants and pickpockets. We decided we wanted to experience the city a different way and stay in a neighbourhood with more locals than tourists. When Waytstay offered us an apartment in the Gracia neighbourhood, it seemed the ideal place to see an alternative side of the city.

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The Carry-On Traveller Interviews: Beth the Expat

To celebrate the launch of my book, The Carry-On Traveller: The Ultimate Guide to Packing Light, I started this interview series with other travellers who also travel with just carry-on luggage. 

Beth and her husband Dan first caught the travel bug whilst planning a mega road trip in the States a few years ago, and in 2015 they moved to Malaysia for their jobs in higher education. They take advantage of Malaysia’s generous number of national holidays to explore the country and beyond. Beth blogs sporadically at wbethanieltravel.blogspot.com

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