Our Temporary Home at Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

We were in need of stillness. Of quiet, focus, routine.

We found it at Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. Our apartment, near the small village of San Marcos, is built into the mountainside and surrounded by fruit trees and colourful flowers—coffee, banana, papaya, lime, jocote, bougainvillea, angel’s trumpets, and many more I can’t identify.

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New Additions to Our Carry-On Packing List 2014: The Best Travel Trousers & Shoes, Running Gear & More

The secret of travelling light is to regularly assess everything in your bag. Do you still use it enough to justify carrying it around?

We’ve been travelling for nearly five years with just a carry-on backpack each, and we do a major assessment of our gear each summer. We get rid of anything we no longer use, replace shabby clothes, and perhaps update our technology.

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The Vegan Experiment Continues in San Diego

My vegan experiment continued as we moved down the USA’s west coast from Portland, to San Francisco and Sonoma, and on to San Diego. After finding San Francisco surprisingly difficult when eating in non vegetarian restaurants, San Diego was much easier (and less expensive). There are plenty of vegan options, even without eating in any of the city’s vegan restaurants, and menus were usually well labelled. Veganism is common here and we often found vegan cakes in cafes and vegan products in every supermarket. Continue reading →