Vancouver Highlights

Vancouver seems to have it all: the sea and mountains on its doorstep, expansive green spaces right in the city centre, friendly chilled-out people, multi-cultural food, shimmering highrises and plenty to do. We spent a week in the city while attending the TBEX travel bloggers conference, and although most of our time was spent socialising with other travel bloggers we did try to see as much as possible of this beautiful city.

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Photo of the Week: Vancouver High Rise


We were struck by how modern downtown Vancouver is. There are none of the ugly brown 60s tower blocks that you find in other cities – it’s all shiny, sleek high rises that shimmer as the sun sets.

It’s All About the People: Travel Bloggers We Met At TBEX

A few weeks ago we attended the TBEX travel bloggers conference in Vancouver. Telling people this usually leads to a bewildered look and the question of “What on earth do you do at a travel bloggers conference?!”

Turns out there’s lots to do: We attended talks on writing, photography, video, research, search engine optimisation, monetisation and the many other facets that make up running a travel blog. But really it wasn’t about the sessions, it was about being in a room with 600 other people who share our passion for travel and writing about it.

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