Save 80% on The Carry-On Traveller Book and Learn How to Pack Light

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I’m pleased to announce that this week my book, The Carry-On Traveller: The Ultimate Guide to Packing Light, will be on sale for only $0.99 (or £0.99 in the UK) on Amazon. That’s a saving of 81% on the usual price of $4.99! The discount will run from now until the end of Sunday 21st January 2018.

Why Buy The Carry-On Traveller?

Have you ever struggled with packing for a trip? You can’t decide what you’ll need, so you pack for every scenario and take far too much. You struggle to fit everything in your bag, you get stressed lugging it around, and you pay a fortune in airline luggage fees.

The Carry-On Traveller will teach you not only how to lighten your load, but how to pack everything you need into a single carry-on-size bag. You can apply these strategies to any trip, whether you are travelling for a week or a year, to hot or cold climates, alone or with kids.

By travelling carry-on only, you’ll save time at airports, avoid wasting money on checked luggage fees, and reduce the stress of hauling bulky bags.

We’ve been travelling full time with just a single carry on backpack each for nearly eight years. If we can do it, you can too!

Erin and Simon with carry on backpacks in Lubrin, Spain

Us with our carry on backpacks in Spain

What Others Are Saying

Since the book was released, we’ve had positive feedback from both newbies who have now tried carry-on travel for the first time and loved it and current carry-on travellers who found tips and gear suggestions that made packing light even easier.

On Amazon US The Carry-On Traveller now has 70 reviews with an average rating of five stars! Here’s what some of the reviews say:

“This book is a must have for travelers. It is well written and sensible. Please read this book if you are looking for LESS to NO stress when traveling.” A.M Jacobs.

”If you’re wanting to pack smart for any type of trip this book will have the answers you need. Erin has done the research, tested the products and accumulated a vast amount of knowledge along the way. Highly recommended.” BHarri45

”A travelers must-have guide! The author is fantastic and this guide covers everything from travel itself to what to pack. The product reviews were so helpful and steered me in the right direction for my own future backpacking! Love this book!” ElleM

”I thought I was a packing pro, but there was lots of information and packing tips that I hadn’t thought of that I will definitely use in the future. The links were also really helpful so I could immediately see the recommended items. I also liked the writing style.” Karen

”I don’t travel nearly as often as the author but found all the tips helpful. I am in my 60’s and retired. It can be daunting trying to manage luggage especially on a plane. The ideas, suggestions and examples in this easy to read book were practical and I will use them on my next trip.” Janet

Get Your Copy

The Carry-On Traveller: The Ultimate Guide to Packing Light is available on Amazon Kindle at the discounted price of $0.99 on Amazon US or £0.99 on Amazon UK until Sunday 21st January.

Buy your copy here

Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can read the book on the free Kindle app that’s available for any laptop, smartphone, or tablet. A paperback version is also available on Amazon for $11.99.

If you are planning your 2018 travels, I hope the book will make packing for your trip a little less stressful and save you money on airline fees!

Unfortunately other Amazon stores don’t support Kindle Countdown Deals so the discount is only available in the US and UK.

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