Trover: Our New Favourite Way to Plan Our Travels

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There are so many social media sites and apps out there that it’s impossible to keep up with them all and I tend to ignore new ones. Trover got my attention though when a friend who wasn’t on any social networks (not even Facebook!) signed up, saying she loved it as a way of finding cool places to visit on her travels. As an obsessive travel planner myself I was intrigued, so when Trover invited us to be involved in their publicity campaign, I was already eager to try it out.

Trover is a visual guide to the best of everywhere. It’s often compared to Pinterest as it features beautiful photos, but for travel Trover is much more useful. You can find gorgeous travel photos on Pinterest but there’s usually no information attached to them, sometimes not even the location. Eye candy, yes; useful tool for travel planning, no.

Trover, on the other hand, is travel specific, with a community of travellers sharing their photos of recommended places to visit around the world. Like Pinterest it’s very visual but it’s not just stunning shots—each photo or “discovery” is tagged with the location so you know exactly where to find it, and users are encouraged to leave tips to help others recreate their experiences.

Trover has enormous potential not just for visual inspiration but to become a personal tour guide helping you discover local finds and get off the beaten track. The main attractions are on there too but where it really comes into its own is with unique discoveries that cover everything from the best place for roti prata in Singapore, to hidden beaches in New Zealand, and quirky bars in Hungary.

How Trover Works

Trover has a very easy to use interface and you can use their website or iPhone app (Android is coming soon) to upload photos of your discoveries along with the location and a tip. This can be anything including what makes the place special, the best time to visit, how to get here, or any other useful information to help others have the best experience.

When you are posting your discovery you can also choose to share it on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook (including fan pages, not just personal pages, which is great for bloggers).

Trover discoveryAll your discoveries are displayed on your profile page which includes a handy map showing where all your photos are located. There are tabs at the top with each country you’ve made discoveries for and a more detailed map on each country page.

If people find your discovery useful then they’ll thank you for it using the heart icon.

Using Trover to Plan Your Travels

On the Trover homepage you can scroll through photos from people you follow or one of the other tabs like ‘What’s Hot’. One of the best things about Trover is that it will sort the discoveries by how close they are to you with the nearest shown first. As you scroll down the distances change and are shown in a tab on the side.

TroverIf you are planning a trip search for that destination at the top and you’ll get a drop down list with options to search by place, keyword or list. Place is probably the best one to start with. Scroll through and click on any of the photos that catch your eye for further information.

Search on troverBelow each discovery you can get more ideas in the “Explore this area” section.

I find it useful to create lists to save discoveries when I’m planning our travels. We’re currently on the island of Koh Lanta in Thailand so I’ve created a list for there. The Koh Lanta discoveries are limited as it’s not a hugely popular destination but I’ve still found some great restaurants, a recommended dive shop, and a place to drink chile margaritas (including the time and price of happy hour).

Koh Lanta list on troverNext month we’ll be visiting Singapore. It’s our first time there and I hadn’t done any research but Trover was a great place to start. There are loads of discoveries in Singapore and I already have 75 on my list!

Singapore list on troverI now have ideas for everything from the big attractions like Gardens by the Bay, Universal Studios and the Marina Bay light show, to droolworthy cafes and restaurants (the food looks sooo good!) including a vegan burger joint, a cool area for street art, and even a nice beach to visit.

Singapore discovery on TroverLists have maps which is super helpful for planning our Singapore visit as I can get an idea of the layout of the city, where most attractions are located, and what’s nearest to where we’re staying. The only problem is that there’s no way we’re going to be able to visit all the suggestions in a week!

Singapore list mapYou can find more travel inspiration and tips using other people’s lists which come up when you search for a destination, or check out the Featured Lists which are particularly good.
Mexico list on Trover


There are a couple of things that Trover could improve upon.

It would be great if Trover could encourage users even more to leave useful tips along with their photos. Some of the discoveries highlighted in the What’s Hot list are beautiful photos but people haven’t left any advice to go with them. Trover is only going to be as strong as its user base, and this will improve over time, but Trover will really only stand out from other sites if people are sharing great photos and helpful suggestions.

I noticed on my Singapore list map that some discoveries are in the wrong location. This must be because sometimes Trover doesn’t know the location (it’s more accurate if you use the app) and you have to add it yourself, creating potential for user error. A way to report that a discovery is in the wrong location might be a way to improve this. On the whole I’ve found the locations accurate though and one of the best parts of the Trover experience.

Give Trover a Try and Win $750 of Travel Vouchers!

We are working with Trover as one of the judges in a Trover contest that launched today. It’s very easy to enter. All you have to do is take a photo of one of your favourite spots, post it on Trover by 1st May, start your description with “#TroveOn” and you’ll automatically be entered with a chance to win one of these fantastic prizes:

  • Grand Prize is a $750 travel voucher
  • Second Place is a $500 Apple gift card
  • Third Place is a $150 Amazon gift card

There’s also the opportunity to win a $50 Amazon gift card every week on Twitter by tweeting your discoveries with the hashtag #TroveOn. You’ll automatically be entered for the weekly sweepstakes and the winner will be randomly selected.

You can find the rules of the #TroveOn competition here. Good luck!

Trover is more than just another social network; it’s a great place to get inspired to explore the world and find unique discoveries to help you plan your next trip.

Trover is free so give it a go and see if you like it—with the competition now is the perfect time to try it. You can use the Trover website or download the free iPhone app. The Android app is coming soon.

Make sure you follow us on Trover here.

This post is brought to you by Trover who we are delighted to be working with to promote this fantastic app.

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