Trail Wallet Five Months On: Hitting the Top 20

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It’s been an exciting week.

Last week, five months after launching our travel budget app Trail Wallet, it flew up the charts in the US App Store and hit the top 20 in the Travel category. It peaked at number 14 giving us our biggest day yet, beating even our launch day.

It didn’t stay at those dizzying heights for too long but, man, was it a good day.

Trail Wallet at Number 20

Woohoo! Trail Wallet at Number 20!

It’s been a dream of mine to do something like this for a long time and this lifestyle was supposed to be about these dreams and not the money. So seven months ago we checked our emotional baggage and took off into the dark and foreboding skies[1] of independent app development.

Those last seven months have been a turbulent plane ride of internal instability, with doubts flying around the cabin of our minds and whacking us in the confidence like so much unsecured hand luggage.

THWACK! Was this really a viable business?

WALLOP! How are we going to reach enough new people every month?

BOSH! What if we spend all this time and the world hates it or, worse, ignores it entirely?

We have now had a tiny and fleeting taste of the possibility that there is enough interested people and enough money in the App Store to support yet another independent app developer in a world that is not short of them.

The relief that choosing to stop client work and pursue this thing may not have been such a crazy decision after all is palpable and feels a lot like your two-sizes-too-big favourite sweater that’s just come out of the drier and this is entirely due to…

Our Fabulous Trail Walleteers

There have been some very shaky moments, but through these times our users have been smiling, sure-footed flight attendants, just as geeky about tracking their travel expenses as we are: Little rays of sunshine breaking through the thick grey fog of our collective tumultuous psyches.

Many have become addicted to entering their expenses in Trail Wallet while they are travelling, and in the voices of confident Captains coming over [This metaphor has gone far enough. ~Erin]…they’ve said some darned lovely things:

“Trail Wallet…is the best travel-centric expense tracking app I’ve used. It’s quick, intuitive, pretty(!), and has easily customizable categories so you can organize and record your expenses in a way that makes sense to you.”
Nora, The Professional Hobo

“I am currently 1 month in to my 6 month round the world trip and have been using this app daily to keep track of daily expenses. Love that you can have multiple foreign currencies, can export to excel and set a daily spending limit. Definitely the best app for long term travel!!!”

“Because Trail Wallet is super easy to use, fast, and has a fun and beautiful interface I’ve found myself tracking all of my costs for the past couple of months — and actually enjoying doing so!”
Lauren, Too Many Adapters

Some of them have even been sharing their ultra-private financial data with a world of anonymous strangers and, in celebration of this fearlessness, we’ve compiled a list of Trail Walleteers over on our Voyage Travel Apps site who’ve shared their travel budgets for New Zealand, Bali, Buenos Aires and more[2].

The feedback and support we’ve received has been simply phenomenal. Overwhelming, in fact. We’ve had 23 reviews in the App Store with an average rating of 4.5 stars which boggles my mind.


Screenshot of the iOS Trail Wallet iconIf you are as insecure and lacking in self confidence as I am, then you can understand how entirely unbelievable it is that something I made is not only being written about openly on the Internet, but the words being used don’t involve “sucks”, “crappy” and “ugly” (the reviews in my head all involve these words).

Instead, lots of nice words are being used.

Trail Wallet Tips

We’ve made the app super simple to use but there are some things you might not be aware of so we’ve also written about some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Trail Wallet.

That’s really all there is to say about that. This probably didn’t deserve its own section but it didn’t really fit anywhere else.

So…the weather…is nice…and stuff…

What’s Next?

One thing about our Walleteers, they’re not shy about telling me what they want. I have a laundry list of new features to add (and quite a few bugs to fix) and I’m already hard at work at getting those things done.

The next major update will introduce Trips, which will allow you to budget by trip or country as well as by month. Trail Wallet One Point Two is going to be huge—look out for it in the next couple of months.

Finally, and sincerely, thank you. For every purchase. For every tweet, blog post, review, comment, or mention. It means the world to us and it’s melting both our minds that we have such support out there.

Trail Wallet is available in the Apple App Store for the iPhone/iPod Touch. 

  1. Warning: this metaphor gets stretched…  ↩
  2. If you use Trail Wallet and have written a travel costs post let us know and we’ll add you to the list.  ↩

Are you planning your next travel adventure? See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. 

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  1. Thank you for the great content. I’m planning to becoming a digital nomad too, and this resource of information is the best one I’ve found yet. To show my support I bought the travel wallet app. Good luck, and maybe we’ll meet one day out in the world.


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