Trail Wallet 3.1: Find Out How Much You Really Have To Spend

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The huge Trail Wallet 3.0 update was only released two months ago but we already have some more Trail Wallet goodness for you! Trail Wallet 3.1 is the latest version of our travel expense tracking app; it introduces tags and an adjusted budget which tells you exactly how much you have left to spend.

Thank You!

Image of the Trail Wallet 3 characters, together with screenshots of the app.Firstly we want to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported us with the Trail Wallet 3.0 release by buying the new themes, leaving reviews, and telling your friends about it. It was a bit of a rocky launch with an initial bug that affected some users and not everyone got behind the fun new cartoon themes, so it was a stressful few days! Once the bug was fixed though the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive (with an average rating of 4.6 stars), many of you have been loving the themes (especially Gus!), and our sales have gone up as a result.

Thanks guys!

So here’s what’s new in


Adjusted Budget: How Much You Really Have to Spend

The Adjusted Budget is my favourite new feature in Trail Wallet.

In previous versions of Trail Wallet the summary screen would tell you how much you have remaining of your budget for the current day, your target daily budget, and your average budget. The last is the most useful as it tells you how you’re doing against your budget overall. As you can see here we’re currently over budget on average in Oaxaca—our average spend is £23.15 a day when our target is £20 a day.

Trail Wallet app

Summary screen for our Oaxaca trip using the Sir Reginald Greenworthy theme

The problem previously was that I didn’t know how much I could spend each day in order to reduce my average to my target £20 a day. Trail Wallet 3.1 solves that problem. All I have to do is tap “daily budget” and it’ll show my “adjusted budget”, my new daily budget if I want to reach my target. It takes into account everything you’ve spent so far, including amounts entered into future dates (I spread our accommodation costs over 30 days).

I now know that in order to stick to our budget we can spend £14.60 a day.

Trail Wallet app

Summary screen showing our adjusted budget

This is when one of Trail Wallet’s previous features comes in very handy. By tapping the centre of the summary screen I can scroll between all the currencies I have set up for this trip. It’s much more useful for me to know how much I have to spend in the local currency. By tapping the “daily budget” again to switch to “adjusted budget” I can see that we have 336 Mexican pesos to spend each day. If we stick to that we’ll reach our target budget by the end of the trip.

Trail Wallet app

Summary screen showing our adjusted budget in Mexican pesos

Of course, the Adjusted Budget feature only works if you’ve set specific trip dates (or use Month View) as it can’t make the calculations for open ended trips.


You can now tag all your entries in Trail Wallet. Here’s a few ways you might want to use tags:

  • To label items with payment method such as credit card or cash.
  • Subcategories such as ice-cream in your Food category.
  • For regularly used notes to make entries even quicker.
Trail Wallet tags

Our laundry tag filtered from the history screen.

You can have as many tags as you’d like. You can create and enter tags by tapping the tag icon next to the Notes field on the Add Amount screen.

On the History screen you can now see all your trip data on one screen, rather than only broken down by month. This makes filtering by tags easy—just choose “All Trip Data” and then tap the tag icon in the top left and select a tag (or more than one) to see all your entries with that tag.

This also works when you view a category breakdown from the pie chart, so you can filter by tag for specific categories. For example, you could see all of your accommodation expenses, then see which ones are tagged “credit card”.

Spread Amounts Over 60 Days

We’ve increased the maximum number of days you can spread amounts across from 30 to 60 days. We use this most when we’re paying for accommodation in advance. To spread an entry over multiple days tap the date button in the Add Amount screen and use the + and – buttons to choose the number of days to spread your entry over.

A Favour

If you find Trail Wallet useful it would really help us out if you could leave a review in the App Store, or update your previous review as reviews reset for each version of the app. Reviews help other people find the app and decide if it’s right for them; the more apps we sell the more we can continue to work on it and make it even more helpful. Thanks for your support!

is available for iPhone and iPad. You can try it for free and unlimited entries cost $4.99. You can


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  1. Hi is there a way to sync my iPad to my iPhone so the same info is showing without having to re enter information into both devices separately.
    Thanks. This is going to be a great tool for us on our travels. Great work folks


  2. Hi there – is it possible to have this app on two devices at once? My friend and I are travelling together but want to both have it on our phones feeding into the same account (ie so either of us can enter our expenses). Is that possible?


  3. Hi Simon, congratulations on the success of your app! We’ve downloaded it and checked it out think that you’ve done an awesome job. I’m wondering what program did you use to create it? Did you use XCode or did you go with a App maker program?

    Cheers guys :)


  4. hi guys,

    Me and my girlfriend recently embarked on a big adventure, and having followed your blog, decided to buy the app. I was loving it so far – really helpful, but now when I try to open it, it just starts to load then goes to the home screen again. Can you help? I don’t want to lose our budgets so far by reinstalling it! :(


  5. Just saw that when we spread a tagged amount over x days, the tags doesn’t follow for the other days.
    Nice features the tags… I was creating different categories for them but it’s much better this way!


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