Trail Wallet 2.0 Out Now & Why You Should Care

We are super excited to announce that the spangly, shiny new Trail Wallet 2.0 is now available!

Trail Wallet is an easy travel expense tracker app for the iPhone that we first launched in December last year. Since then it has come a long way. Simon has spent the best part of this year working on improving it and 2.0 is by far our biggest update yet. It’s been a huge amount of work (over 350 hours on this update alone!) and a labour of love for Simon who has pushed his coding skills to the limit. I am really proud of what he has achieved and love using the new Trail Wallet 2.0 to track our own expenses.

Trail Wallet Then and Now

Wow! Look how far it has come—Trail Wallet 1.0 vs 2.0

What’s New in Trail Wallet 2.0?

Trail Wallet 2.0

Trail Wallet 2.0’s summary screen, pie chart, and add amount screen.

  • Trips! – You asked for it and we delivered! It turns out not everyone is like us and wants to track their expenses monthly. You said it would be useful to set your own dates and track your expenses per trip and you were right—we’re finding this new feature really useful too. For each trip you can choose your dates, budget (daily or for the whole trip), multiple local currencies, and check if you’re on budget using the summary screen, history view, or colourful interactive pie chart (which shows you which category is eating up your cash).

    Implementing Trips has fundamentally changed the way the app works but we’ve strived to still keep the app simple and easy to use. If you want to carry on tracking your expenses by month then no problem, just don’t turn on the new Trips feature and it’ll continue to work like it always has (but prettier). Or easily switch between the two!

  • Dropbox Backup – The app now automatically backs your data up every day then silently ships it off to Dropbox so, should the worst happen, you are but a restore away from re-entering Trail Wallet nirvana. Don’t forget to set this up with your Dropbox account (available for free).
  • New Design and Icon – I absolutely love the colourful new design and icon that Simon has created and it fits perfectly with the new iOS 7.
  • Improved Data Export – You can now choose which dates you’d like to export as a CSV file or export the whole trip.
  • Facebook Integration – Let your friends and family know if your budget is on track or if you are horribly overspent.

Those are the main new features but you’ll discover lots of cool new things like an improved history view, extra swipey goodness, and an interactive summary screen that you tap to instantly convert your summaries into all your local currencies.

It really is like a completely new app and the good news is that, if you’ve already bought the app you’ll automatically get the update free!

What People Are Saying

Here’s what our users are saying about Trail Wallet 2.0:

I love the new Trail Wallet!  I have been using the app since the first beta version and could not be happier with the design and functionality. The new version has backup, multiple trips, multiple main currencies and more.  I would gladly have paid for this update and it is well worth it’s cost 100x over for the trouble and worry it has saved me!  Thanks for making an awesome, easy to use and fun app. Griffin, The Travelling Designer

We use Trail Wallet every day; it makes tracking our expenses so easy, just type-in the amount and it does the rest for you. The one thing we thought was missing in the first version is now in version two; you can sort out the trips by any date, not just by month. We couldn’t ask for a better app for the purposes. Andrew, Our Big Fat Travel Adventure

Priceless – I’d be lost without this app, it’s a part of my life now. I’m in the middle of a 1 year world backpacking trip and need to watch every dollar.. and this app makes it so easy and somehow (unbelievably) even fun! Love the new update too, the minor issues I had are now gone. Daz12342235 (App store review)

If you are not currently one of the thousands of Trail Walleteers tracking their travel expenses then you can get your copy of Trail Wallet 2.0 in the Apple App Store now for just $2.99 (£1.99).

To see Trail Wallet 2.0 in action take a look at our new demo video.

Why Track Your Travel Expenses?

Trail Wallet 2.0

Trail Wallet 2.0’s Trips list, history, and edit history screens.

You might wonder why on earth you’d want to keep track of your expenses when travelling. You should be enjoying yourself right? Not worrying about budgets!

Well we agree, travel budgeting isn’t the most exciting activity, and that’s why we created Trail Wallet. We’ve designed it to be quick and easy to use so you can focus on the fun, but there are some very good reasons to track your travel expenses.

Travel Longer

I’m convinced that if we didn’t track our expenses then we wouldn’t have been able to travel for five out of the last six years. We started writing down every penny we spent when saving for our first round the world trip. Getting that financial control was what enabled us to save enough for a year-long trip and we continued to track our expenses during our travels. We did the same again to save up for our new digital nomad life and have been tracking our expenses ever since, with an evolution from back of a notebook to complicated spreadsheets to easy app.

If you know exactly where your money is being spent you’re in control. The simple act of entering an amount as you spend it makes you more conscious of what you are choosing to spend it on, and watching your average daily budget creep up can be a wake up call.

You can use the information in Trail Wallet to prolong your travel fund. You might see on the pie chart that the biggest piece of pie is going on beer and that you’re way over budget. If you keep on that way your travel fund will run out and you’ll be heading home. So you might decide to cut down on beer and be able to travel for longer. Or not, the choice is yours. The point is that you’re in control.

Us at the Monastery in Petra

Our travels to places like Petra in Jordan wouldn’t have been possible without taking control of our finances

Stop Worrying

Don’t just hope you’ve got enough money, know. We all worry about money sometimes and especially if you are a long term traveller it can be concerning that you might run out of money half way around the world. By knowing exactly how you are doing against your budget you can stop worrying and enjoy your travels.

Experience More

Koh Lanta diving by Natasha Lambelin

Scuba diving: always worth the splurge. Photo by Natasha Lambelin.

Travel is all about having amazing experiences and taking control of your finances can help you have even more of them. Say you really want to do a scuba diving course but don’t think you can afford it. Trail Wallet will tell you how your budget is doing. If you are under budget you can feel comfortable knowing you can afford it after all. If not you can use the information in the pie chart to see where you can cut down. Perhaps you need to choose cheaper accommodation, cook for yourself, or even move on to a less expensive country so that you can afford to do the things that are most important to you.

Useful Info

Having a detailed list of everything you’ve spent can be surprisingly useful even if you are not bloggers like us who like to share our travel expense breakdowns with readers. You might want to recommend a hostel to a friend and with the app you can remind yourself exactly how much it cost. Or you can see which countries you visited were the most and least expensive for future travel planning.

Trail Wallet also takes the headache out of currency conversions. The app automatically updates with the current exchange rate for your selected local currencies (218 countries available) and in the history view you can see exactly how much you spent on each item in your home and local currencies.

It’s Addictive

People who’ve never tracked their expenses before often wonder how you can remember to write down every tiny thing you spend. Well, the app certainly helps as you can just whip out your iPhone and enter it straight after spending. But also it doesn’t take long for it to become a routine, and many Trail Walleteers (including us) have reported that it’s actually rather addictive!

For more information about Trail Wallet 2.0 you can head over to our Voyage Travel Apps site or buy it now on the App Store.

How You Can Help

Creating Trail Wallet has been a huge amount of work and we’d really appreciate your support in spreading the word so that more people can take control of their travel finances. If you could spare a couple of minutes here’s a few small things you could do that would make a big difference.

  • If you’ve bought Trail Wallet please leave a review in the App Store. Reviews help increase sales which means we can spend more time making Trail Wallet even better.
  • Tell your friends—if you know someone heading off on a trip let them know that Trail Wallet could help.
  • Spread the word about Trail Wallet on your favourite social network—Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (click on the handy icons at the end of this post).
  • Let us know how we can make Trail Wallet even better. Simon is already working on the next update and we love getting your suggestions and are committed to making the app as useful as possible for travellers.

Thank you!

In celebration of the Trail Wallet 2.0 release we are declaring it Travel Finance Week on Never Ending Voyage. Look out for posts over the next week where we share exactly how much it has cost us to travel the world as digital nomads for the last 3.5 years and some tips for travelling on a budget in Paris. Let us know if you have any other travel finance questions that you’d like us to cover in the future.

Scuba diving photo credit: Koh Haa in Koh Lanta, Thailand by Natasha Lambelin from Liquid Lense. 

Are you planning a trip? See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. 

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41 thoughts on Trail Wallet 2.0 Out Now & Why You Should Care

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  2. We have bought Trail Wallet and are about to embark on a year or longer trip. We have a monthly budget and within that are monthly amounts we can spend on categories. Its one long trip. Do you recommend that I track it as a monthly, daily, or total trip? I have read all the notes and watch the tutorials but am still confused. thanks for any advice!

    • There’s no way in Trail Wallet to set a budget for each category, just an overall budget (although you can see what you are spending in each category on the pie chart). You’ll have to convert your month budget to a daily budget. On the Trips screen you can create a trip without a set end date and with that daily budget. In the month view you can see how much you are spending each month or the total so far in trip view. Let me know if that’s still not clear. Sorry for the confusion!

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  4. Hello! First of all, thank you so much for all the time and effort you spend on the blog, app etc. It’s interesting, inspiring, and educational, for beginners like myself.
    Although my phone is on Android, I have an iPad. I was wondering if the app works on an on iPad?
    Thanks a million!

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  14. Do you have to manually input each expense or can it import expenses from your credit/debit cards? We leave for our RTW in a few weeks & I’m trying to decide the quickest way to track our expenses…thanks!

    • Hi Jan,

      You have to manually input each expense, so it is not like, etc. That being said, I would highly recommend using this app for your trip for the following reasons:

      1. Many places you may visit will not accept Debit/Credit Cards, so you will have a lot of cash only transactions
      2. While I recommend and use, quicken, etc. in conjunction with Trail Wallet, those things by themselves did not work well for us. The reason being is the best way I found to accurately track expenses is to enter the transaction right when it happens. Some prefer saving all receipts and then entering later, but I find this to be a big hassle and not every place will give you a receipt. The mint app for iPhone allows you to enter manual transactions, but requires a data connection to do it. If you are traveling to many countries this is impractical and expensive.
      3. If you do somehow manage to somehow accurately track your expenses using only or quickbooks, you would still need to do some math to figure out your weekly, monthly and daily average and if you went over or under each day. Trail wallet does all this for you and it is the quickest and easiest thing I have found for knowing where we stood as we traveled.

      Hope that helps and have a great trip!

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  16. It definitely is addictive! Even though it’s Zab’s job to input our spending, I still very often find myself looking over his shoulder to check it out and then fiddling with the app and looking at the pretty, pretty pie chart in the five minutes a day that he puts his iPhone down. Anyway, congratulations on the release!

  17. It definitely is addictive! I’m not the principle user of the app (it’s Zab’s job to input our spending), but I always find myself looking over his shoulder to check he’s done it, and then later I usually fiddle with the app to check our how the day/month/trip looks so far. Maybe it’s the control freak in me, but it’s also a very addictive app! Oh: congratulations!

  18. I bought trail wallet about 6 months ago or so…thought it was the best travel budgeting tool out there…the new update makes it even better/more user friendly. To this day, its the only app I’ve ever paid for. Worth every penny. All 299 of them! Keep up the great work!

  19. I just bought this app a few days ago to keep track of purchases we’ve been making for our upcoming trip. So far I absolutely love it! I’ll let you know any other comments I may have as I really get into using it. (I’ll also be writing a mini of review of it on my site later on)


  20. Many kudos for a great update to an already essential travel app! We love the new interface and appreciate the introduction of the trip option, although we are sticking to the same ol’ monthly expense routine for now. We remain loyal customers and staunch supporters of the Trail Wallet, and wish you the best of luck with it. Thank you and safe travels!

  21. It was my honor to be a beta tester for this app and I can say with the utmost confidence that it is amazing! If you are looking for an app to track your expenses in multiple currencies and on multiple trips, look no further! I would easily pay double the price for this app as it pays for itself in a week in helping you stay under your budget!

    Before Simon and Erin came out with this app I had tried about 7 other apps for this purpose – most of them paid – and they all had had one or two major drawback like no currency conversion, confusing UI, no monthly average, no multi-trip options, etc. I have used this exclusively for almost two years now and cannot recommend it highly enough!

    Why are you still reading this? Go support Simon and Erin and make your budgeting life so much easier – Go buy it now!

  22. Hey – congrats folks! I’ll tweet it.

    Why don’t you include some ready made ‘click to tweets’ in your next email so that it’s super easy for your readers to click and tweet about the app? Just a thought (from a digital marketing brain).

    Happy travels 🙂

    • Mark, sorry for your frustration. I can say from experience it is an awesome app and by far the best available for budget travel.

      Your frustration is understandable from not being able to use such an amazing app. That being said, I think Simon has already addressed this elsewhere, but if you look on that page you shared under the subsection of “Who’s making money from app downloads?” you will see why Erin and Simon are currently only developing for iOS.

      Even though Android has more phones and more users, they do not pay for apps as much as iPhone users. Since Erin and Simon are independent developers and developing apps takes a huge amount of time and resources, it only makes sense that they would go with the App ecosystem that makes 70% of the money over the one that makes only 20%. Hope that helps out.

    • Hi Mark
      We wish we could offer an Android version but unfortunately it’s not something we can afford to do. Did you see the piechart in the article that you linked to about who’s making money from app downloads? Although there are more Android users they don’t pay for apps as often, which makes it really difficult for small developers like us to make back investment costs for developing for Android. We’ve written more about our reasons in this post:

      We do hope it’s something that changes in the future though.

      • I’m in the same boat and would love to buy the app, but I have an Android device.

        My boyfriend is an app developer and depending on what program/compiler you use to code your apps, you can export to iOS and Android with one click. It’s much more cost effective and time saving. It may be something to think about in the future because you are cutting out quite a few potential customers.

        • Simon has looked into that but because of some of the functionality of the app it isn’t quite that simple, and the best export programmes cost a lot. Plus there is the testing requirements for the many many Android devices. We’d love to be able to offer an Android version but we wouldn’t want to do it without a guarantee of quality and it’s just not cost effective for us right now.

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