Trail Wallet 1.1 Released

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Voyage Travel Apps and Never Ending Voyage are pleased to announce the launch of Trail Wallet 1.1. If you already own Trail Wallet, the update should be available right now—just go to App Store -> Updates on your iOS device and hit “Update” and you will be the proud owner of the swanky new version of the greatest travel budget and expense tracking app ever[1].

If you haven’t bought it yet, or you’re unsure whether you want to run the update, then check out the 1.1 video for a rundown of all the cool new stuff or skip below for more info:

Custom Categories

Custom Category Preview

This was by far the biggest feature request we’ve had since we’ve launched Trail Wallet and when there’s this much demand for a feature, t’would be a foolish developer to ignore it.

So we’re pleased as fruity alcoholic beverages in bowls to announce that you can now customise your categories!

Change the name, add new ones, delete old ones, choose its colours (for the pie chart) and change the order—it’s a veritable extravaganza of organisational power!

The boffins chained in the basement of Voyage Labs have worked extra hard to make this happen, and we’ll be throwing down an additional portion of stale bread in appreciation. We hope you’ll agree they deserve it.

Interactive Pie Charts

Custom Category Preview

Yoda once said “With great organisational power, comes great interactive responsibility”.

The nerds in the basement found that if we allowed you crazy budget trackers to add as many categories as you want, then it caused chaos on the Pie Chart which they had foolishly only designed to work with the original 6 categories.

After shouting at them and beating them for a few hours for this oversight, we forced them to rip out the old pie chart and replace it with a fancy new one that swishes and swooshes and responds to touches.

Yep, that’s right. Interactive.

As sexy as this animated slice based goodness is, it is just the first step down a big, long road of data organisation and visualisation. Budgets can be pretty dull but we want to make them as exciting as an episode of The Wire (or at least Location, Location, Location).

Swanky New Design

And it cut him ’til he cried out in his anger and his shame: “I am leaving, I am leaving but the designer still remains.”[2]

Custom Category Preview

To be honest, the original summary screen was a little bland. Yeah, it had a whole bunch of useful information but it was just a boring list, like it had been designed by a tax accountant (which is a noble profession, to be sure, but it’s not exactly…glamorous).

After staring at it every day for over a month I wanted to gouge my eyes out every time I saw it. It brought shame upon our house and the very name of Never Ending Voyage. It was time for a refresh.

Now, I like Futura. Some designers think it’s a little overused and, although it’s more Bauhaus than Art Deco, I still think it works well when combined with the styles of the latter. All it needed was a chance to strut its stuff, so I let it. Now, the more pertinent information comes to the top of the visual hierarchy, providing emphasis to the letterforms that best express the purpose of the page and guiding the eye to the areas of importance. The subtle, understated secondary information no longer fights for attention while remaining available should the user require it.

Translation: I changed the font sizes and now I think it looks better.

Sales Pitch

If you haven’t already purchased Trail Wallet, ’tis but a measly $1.99 in the App Store and well worth your investment. Other people seem to be loving it:

App Annie results

Please note that these are the cumulative ratings from all of the App Stores around the world—the individual App Stores will only show reviews from their own countries.

If you have already bought it it would be amazing if you could leave a review or a rating on the iTunes store. Ratings help other people take the plunge and join us on this budgetary voyage and stroke my ego enough to make me want to keep developing and improving it and making it in to the best that it can be.

Feel free to contact us and let us know of any features that you’d like to see. We have a laundry list of amazing new ideas to throw into this thing but we’re always looking out for what our users want first, so just let us know.

And thanks. We really, really appreciate the support and rest assured we will keep working to make this thing the best gosh darn budget app in the world, ever. So much so, that you’ll be saying to your grandkids:

“My travels were great and everything, but it was buying that budget app by Voyage Travel Apps that was the real highlight of my life! Sit on my knee, young one—ow, not that one, owowow…phew, that’s better—and I’ll tell you all about it…”

  1. As determined by Simon’s mum.  ↩
  2. First person to tweet us @VoyageTravelApp with the hashtag #TrailWallet and the correct reference wins a free copy of the app.  ↩

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  1. Congrats! This is such a helpful tool, especially for long term travelers. I know I have trouble keeping track of expenses even during a weekend getaway… Have you considered making a version of this app for Android? I know more and more people are choosing Android smart phones instead of Apple.


    • We have considered Android but we won’t be able to do an Android version any time soon as it’s a completely different platform and more complicated and time consuming to develop for. Sorry about that.


  2. Hi guys,

    I’m sure I am not the first one to say Congradulations on making it this far and with its sucess! And I know you guys are settling down in Mexico for a bit (after all, you are nomads), but I was wondering, not to sound too impatient, where and when you guys are adventuring towards next. Now I understand that you guys really like the slow adventuring, and I really like it too, you woudn’t have discovered so many of the things you already did by slow discovery. But this question was just itching to get out.


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