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Update: the Speak From Day One course is no longer available. 

Is your New Years resolution to learn a new language?

It’s a common goal, especially for those of us who love to travel, but often we give up after a few weeks of studying and never feel confident enough to actually speak the language. Maybe this year we need to do things differently.

We have written about Benny Lewis before. His popular blog Fluent in 3 Months and his Language Hacking Guide share his unique approach to language learning and helped us a lot with learning Spanish when we were in South America. Benny only began learning languages when he was 21 but he now speaks eight languages fluently, and every three months he takes on a new language learning mission.

Speak from Day 1

Benny has just released a new video course Speak From Day 1 to support the Language Hacking Guide and to provide the motivation and inspiration for all of us to learn a new language this year. Benny views languages as means of communication between human beings, not as something to be studied. The way he has made such progress is by speaking a new language from day one, even if he only knows a few phrases that he learnt from a phrasebook.

Benny believes anyone can speak a new language straight away and in his new video series he demonstrates exactly how he does it and deals with many of the issues that people have – a lack of confidence, a lack of vocabulary, the fear that you’ll frustrate the person you are speaking to with your limited abilities, and how to understand what they say back to you.

If you already have the Language Hacking Guide you’ll be familiar with many of the techniques but the videos are a useful addition because they actually show his language hacking methods in practice and make it easier to understand.

At the moment there are eight videos in the Speak From Day 1 series, but more videos will be added over time and all future updates will be included for free.

Update: The Speak From Day 1 video series is now only available packaged with the Language Hacking Guide (including 200 page eBook, audio book, worksheets and interviews). It costs €67 (English only version) or €75 (multilingual version with translations in 23 languages).

For a chance to see Benny speaking many of his languages and more information on the course, take a look at the Speak From Day 1 introductory video.

If you would like to know more about the Language Hacking Guide and Benny’s approach to language learning read our Language Hacking Guide Review.

Hopefully Benny’s advice and unconventional techniques will help you keep your New Year language resolutions.

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