September Update: Bolivia (finally)!

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At the beginning of September we finally left Salta (leaving our beautiful apartment and new friends was hard) and made it to Bolivia! We’ve been here three weeks so far and are loving it. We have enjoyed horse riding in Tupiza; an incredible four day jeep trip through the wilderness of the south west; a brief stop in high altitude Potosi which surprised us with its charming, crumbling colonial buildings; and Sucre – a modern, relaxed city with more beautiful architecture. We spent nearly two weeks there taking Spanish conversation classes (Erin), working (Simon), and wandering around the gorgeous streets. As you read this we are now in Samaipata, a small mountain town without internet, so we’ll be quiet for a few days.

Never Ending Voyage Around the Web

This month we’ve been lucky enough to be featured on a number of websites.

Simon is a member of the new site The Nomad Courier featuring postcards from a great group of travel bloggers.

TravAddict listed us as one of 10 Great Travel Blogs You Should Read, alongside some other excellent blogs, while we were also on the 50 Best Global Travel Blogs at Guide to Online Schools.

Traveling Canucks included us in their #FollowFriday Five and our Cook Islands post in their round up of what they had been reading last month.

Our Roadtrippin’ North West Argentina article was part on the latest Gen Y travel blog carnival.

Benny from Fluent in 3 Months linked to a number of our posts and said that our interview with him had the best questions of all the interviews he has done so far. We are honoured!

Airtreks included us in their post about career breaks, although we don’t plan to go back to a ‘career’!

Digital Nomad Update

Simon finished working on his first hotel website Goa Stay. He hopes to get more design and development work in this area, as it’s something we know a lot about and he has even built an advanced calendar booking system that integrates with paypal.

He is now working on another site. It’s the first time he has had a big job while travelling around (as opposed to being based in an apartment for a while) and with Bolivia’s flaky internet this is a good test. So far so good, although finding the balance between working and exploring can be tough at times.

Get the Language Hacking Guide Before the Price Goes Up!

If you are struggling to learn a language and have been undecided about buying the excellent Language Hacking Guide then now is the time to go for it! Next Friday Benny will be putting up the price of the guide from $49 to $59, as he adds tons of new content including translations into an incredible 18 different languages! For more information read our review of the guide or go ahead and buy it now (and receive the updates for free!).

You’ll be helping us out by buying it through this link as we receive a generous commission, but we only recommend products we honestly believe in, and Benny’s unique approach to language learning has really helped our Spanish progress.

Are you planning your next travel adventure? See our Travel Resources page for our favourite tools and gear to help you plan the perfect trip. 

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    • Not really. When we first got to 3000 metres and then to 4000 metres I had a headache, but it was gone the next day. I also found it harder to sleep at altitude. We were lucky we didn’t have any serious problems, but them we did allow time to acclimatise.


    • That’s a shame you had bad experiences here. We’ve been lucky enough not to have any, although the bus ride to Samaipata was not much fun. There’s a lack of tarmac in this country!


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