Gramps Travel Comic: Season 1

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On our last visit to Singapore I picked up the new iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil and ditched all of my traditional drawing implements in favour of going entirely digital. So far it’s been fantastic—drawing with the Pencil is a pleasure and the iPad is actually lighter than all of the drawing gear I was carrying before.

I’m moving towards making iOS games, but one of the areas of games development in which I am still weak is visual art. In order to improve, I set myself a challenge to produce one new Instagram webcomic a week for ten weeks.

I wanted to see just how much I could do on the iPad and so, as part of this challenge, everything had to be done on the tablet—from conception to publishing, but this turned out to be pretty straightforward. I used Procreate for the sketching, Adobe Comp for the panel and text, Workflow to resize, and the WordPress and Instagram apps to publish.

If you’re a visual artist, travelling or not, I highly recommend that you give this iPad a look. Apple has also just released a smaller and lighter 9.7″ version that makes it even more appealing for travelling artists.

And now I am pleased to present season 1 of Gramps:

Episode 1: Singapore

Gramps S01E01 - Singapore

Episode 2: Bali

Gramps S01E02 - Bali

Episode 3: Vietnam

Gramps S01E03 - Vietnam

Episode 4: Mexico

Gramps S01E04 - Mexico

Episode 5: The Amazon

Gramps S01E05 - The Amazon

Episode 6: Costa Rica

Gramps S01E06 - Costa Rica

Episode 7: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Gramps S01E07 - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Episode 8: Scotland

Gramps S01E08 - Scotland

Episode 9: Utah, USA

Gramps S01E09 - Utah, USA

Episode 10: Home

Gramps S01E10 - Home

I haven’t decided if there’s going to be a season 2 yet, but I do plan to produce 52 new full colour drawings and illustrations this year, so if you’d like to follow my progress, you can find me on Instagram or over on my blog.

Bonus Making Of Video

Procreate has video recording built in and so here’s me drawing issue 6 from start to finish. The music is from my latest game, Barista!.

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