Photo of the Week: Yee Peng Floating Lantern Ceremony image

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Yesterday we participated in one of the most incredible events we have ever seen. The Yee Peng Floating Lantern Ceremony in Chiang Mai, Thailand is an ancient, traditional festival that pays respect to the Lord Buddha. After Buddhist chanting and meditation thousands of paper lanterns are lit and released into the sky. It’s a wonderfully beautiful and surreal sight.

More photos from Yee Peng to come later in the week.

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  1. Hey guys!
    Beautiful image. I was just in Chiang Mai for ten days in September. Sadly, couldn’t make it for this festival, though I’ve wanted to for a long time. This captures the spirit well, I would imagine.

    I’m on the road constantly as a travel writer and photographer and come across a lot of blogs, but really love the spirit of adventure in yours – you’ve made a fan and I’m looking forward to seeing more!



  2. In Poland it was a very popular during last holiday, especially in bigger cities. The cost of one lantern is less than one dollar. But the fun seeing your lantern burning up a tree is worth much more than one dollar ;) haha


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