Photo of the Week: Veggie Cafe over the Water, Bocas del Toro image

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In our Panama Highlights post we mentioned that there are no beaches in Bocas Town, the most common place to stay in Bocas del Toro. One of the nearest places to find a beach is Isla Carenero – just a $1, 5 minute water taxi ride from the town. While wandering around the island we came across this small shop/cafe advertising veggie burgers. We ventured down the rickety wooden bridge and discovered a hippy home on stilts over the water. The couple serve a few vegetarian snacks right from their living room. There are no tables – just choose from a couch in their living room or a cushion on the deck out back (we opted for the latter).

It was a random find and the burgers were seriously tasty. If you find yourself on Isla Carenero look out for this sign for Mukunda.

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