Photo of the Week: Trinidad, Cuba Panorama image

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Trinidad is a picture perfect colonial town in Cuba with cobblestone streets, colourful houses with terracotta roofs, and horses and carts still one of the main forms of transport. This panoramic view was taken with our iPhone 5 from the tower inside the Museo Historico Municipal. It reminds me of a tropical Tuscany.

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  1. Thanks for your blog really enjoyed it. heading to Cuba for 6 weeks. Trying to get there before all the americans who can now go. If you ever find yourself in Nova Scotia look us up. We’re in Annapolis Royal.


  2. My wife and I were in Trinidad 2 years ago, found it really beautiful but INCREDIBLY hot. We were there in early Sept so I expected it to be, ya know…”warm” but I was unprepared for the humidity. We have a picture that is almost the twin of this one, it’s kinda cool actually knowing that you were there :) In 2 months time, we’ll be off again but this time on a “no time limit, gave up our jobs, home, everything to travel” kinda deal. 4 of us (2 married couples) are dropping it all to show the beauty and safety of the world through eyes that aren’t the news channels. Feel free to check us out, we leave in June!


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