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During our recent horse internship at Establos San Rafael in Costa Rica we met Toulouse the Toucan. He was rescued by the family as a baby and now enjoys eating papaya and nibbling on human fingers. One of my aims for Costa Rica was to see a toucan so it was an amazing experience to see one close up. We even got to see a toucan tongue! It’s long, pale and narrow with frayed edges and almost looks like a feather.

Luckily enough we also saw wild toucans in the trees around the farm. What beautiful birds.

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  1. What a marvelous photo. That beak looks like it would throw off the bird’s center of gravity. Lucky bird having papaya cut up and presented like that.
    Bird watching – even for people like me – who like finding birds but hate the bother of ID’ing them, was one of our highlights in Costa Rica.


    • The beak looks much heavier than it is – it’s actually full of air. Costa Rica is definitely full of beautiful birds – not that we knew what most of them were.


  2. SOOOOOO Jealous. I’ve always wanted to see a toucan in the wild, but I would be happy with a rescued one up close. I just don’t want to see one in a zoo. I wasn’t successful on my trip to Costa Rica.


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