Photo of the Week: Sunset on Yangon River image

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The chaotic city of Yangon was our first stop in Burma. Our friend Shannon recommended that we watch the sunset from a little known spot – the jetty across the road from the Chinese temple Kheng Hock Keong.

As the sun lit up the sky we joined commuting locals as they made their way to the river past stalls overloaded with fresh fruit and fried Indian snacks. The colourful wooden longtail boats were piled high with goods and people before setting off down the Yangon River amongst squawking seagulls. As usual in Yangon we were the only tourists around.

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  1. Beautiful shot! It looks more of a painting than a photo. I just can’t get enough of your photos. Keep it coming^^


  2. I love sunset photos & this is by far one of the best I have seen in a while. I love everything about it.

    This photo & yalls post on 35 observations of Burma has made me put it back on my must visit while I am in SEA. I am running low on money and doing the research figured I would have to fly in & out & the visa would cost me a bit too so rulled it out. Now though I know it will be worth it to make it there. Guess I will have to give up a few beers to make it all average out in the end. When & if I ever make it to SEA I will be hitting y’all up for tips. Burma sounds like just such an amazing country.


    • Thanks very much Jaime. Although Burma has some of the chaos of India it is more relaxed – especially Inle Lake which is so chilled out. I hope you make it there!


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