Photo of the Week: Simon with Monkeys in Samaipata, Bolivia image

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We visited the small animal refuge Zoo El Refugio in Samaipata, a mountain village in Bolivia. The refuge has a number of rescued monkeys that roam free and they took a liking to Simon. This one didn’t want to get left behind so he came along on our walk sitting on Simon’s head! The black one in the background later decided to show Simon around by leading him around by the hand. An amazing experience…

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  1. Lordy, I love monkeys. From the capuchin that hopped around from shoulder to shoulder preening us in biology class in Panama to the baboons trying very hard to look innocent as they edged towards our backpacks in Victoria Falls, I think that my entire life is just one big monkey love story. And this picture is great! Hearts!


  2. I love this photo! It says everything about the monkeys recognising a soul brother!! Hope you have photos of the black monkey taking Simon by the hand – Simon always was one to go off with strangers…. :-) LOL xxxx


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