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I’ve visited Siena a few times before but am always struck by its beauty. This week we had the pleasure of visiting again and of experiencing one of my favourite Italy activities – climbing towers. After climbing Torre del Mangia’s 400 narrow winding steps we were rewarded with a fantastic view of the Piazza del Campo below, the terracotta buildings of the city, and the green Tuscan countryside.

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  1. Nice view! I was there, but I did not climb the tower. It was very hot on that day…32 Degree Celsius, so I decided to walk around the city and of course ate ice cream!


    • It was in the mid 20s when we climbed up but it might be a bit more difficult this week as it’s in the mid 30s. Things stay pretty cool inside those stone walls though.


    • It wasn’t that bad and was definitely worth it for the view. Plus we needed to burn off all the pizza and gelato we’d been eating!


  2. Siena is one of my favourite towns in Italy. I never climbed Terre del Mangia but I did climb up to Panorama del Facciatone near the cathedral which gave very similar views out across the town. Just beautiful!


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