Photo of the Week: San Francisco Graffiti image

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Our favourite area of San Francisco is The Mission where you find whole streets dedicated to colourful detailed street art. This mural was one of many in Clarion Alley.

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  1. am sending souljar love to this beautiful artist for brave lifeloving work. Thank you for your time and inspiration sweet friend!


  2. Yep, the artist is Chor Boogie. He’s got a ton of street art in San Fran. There’s a 50 foot mural of his just on Market Street, but probably temporary, since it’s painted on a barricade for a closed row of shops.

    I’d recommend going down Clarion Alley in the Mission for a street art experience like none other.


  3. First thing I said when I saw it “wow that is bad ass” & yup I must admit it really is. That is so cool. I would love that as a painting for my living room or somewhere in the house. I love the colors and the boldness.


  4. Very cool! Love the colors and funky design. During our last visit to San Francisco we noticed a lot more quality graffiti in the Mission and other neighborhoods than when we lived there a decade ago. Glad the city is embracing graffiti/street art like this.

    And, you can’t beat the Mission for an amazing burrito (aka, urban food log)!


    • We were really impressed by the street art in the area (and the burritos!). I hear the graffiti in Berlin is fantastic too – hope you are enjoying your time there.


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