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We’ve spent the last 10 days in Puerto Viejo, a chilled beach town in Costa Rica. The beaches in town aren’t great and it takes some effort to get to the best ones. Luckily the journey is part of the fun as you can rent bikes for $5 a day and cycle an hour along flat road to get here, Punta Uva beach. It’s a beautiful ride through rainforest, with little traffic and the lush green landscape reminded me of Bali – very Eat Pray Love.

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  1. I was browsing through photos of beaches on google for a project I’m working on. When I saw this one, a bell went off in my head, and I thought, “I know this place…!” Sure enough, I do. I used to live in Costa Rica when I was a kid (in the early 80s), and Puerto Viejo was a place that my family would frequent.

    We’d drive to the bridge over the river and jump in… then we’d swim towards the ocean, and end up at that very beach. The photo looks the same as I remember it 30 years ago. I really miss Costa Rica.


    • Rebecca,
      Ok, it’s like 6 years after your post… I’m sure that you’ve figured this out if you’ve already gone: Well, Costa Rican beach towns are primarily gravel roads, so it’s not a place for beach bikes. If you have a bike that manages that type of terrain well, then you should be ok.


  2. Oh I miss that beach… it is still my favorite one so far. I love that you mention Eat Pray Love because as soon as we (me & the girls) got our bikes I said “This is very Eat Pray Love & shit”… ahhh good times!!!


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