Photo of the Week: Our Neighbour the Iguana image

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Our apartment in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is surrounded by trees and just outside our window is a half-finished building where our neighbours live: some large iguanas who like to bask in the sun. Most of them are grey but this one was bright green.

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  1. Hi, I came across your blog yesterday and started reading around. I found it because we live in Playa as well now and our story sounds a bit like yours …. Let me introduce myself briefly: I’m originally form Lithuania and my husband is from Mexico city originally. Both of us have lived away form our home countries for over 10 years. We originally met in Seattle Wa where after living together for a while. we decided to sell everything we have and leave .. To travel to see the world. . That was in 2009.
    Few months ago we found ourselves in PLaya Del Carmen where we decided to settle for just a little while.

    So the reason i was writing is to see if you both would like to meet for a coffe do drink?

    Have a great weekend, Vilija and Ed


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