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Our favourite retreat from the crowds of hectic Hong Kong is the Chi Lin Nunnery and attached Nan Lian Chinese Garden. It’s a peaceful place of lush greenery, lotus flower filled ponds, a delicious vegetarian restaurant and this golden pavilion. I loved the way the gold and the red of the bridge brightened up a cloudy day. The high rise apartment blocks provide a stark contrast and remind you that you are in Hong Kong.

The Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Gardens are free and are a five minute walk from the Diamond Hill MTR stop.

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  1. I went here in 2008 & loved it. It was such a welcome relief from the hectic pace of other areas within Kowloon & HK Island. I find Hong Kong fascinating in the sense that you can step away from the madness (such as going here) or to some of the nice parks found throughout the city which is often difficult to do in other mega-sized cities.


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