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San Pancho is surrounded by jungle covered hills and last weekend we decided to head out and explore them. We followed America Latina from the centre of town, continuing on the dirt road known as the Jungle Road.

It was an easy, peaceful walk through tall trees. We only saw a few other people the whole way, but we did see lots of birds, a tejon (coati), and hundreds, possibly thousands of crabs. They scuttled out of the road and dove into the undergrowth when we came near, but we managed to get a photo on the iPhone 5 of this one, who raised an arm defensively in a ninja pose. Most of the crabs were this beautiful cream, blue and purple colour, although we did see a couple of bright red ones who were appropriately fiery.

Eventually the Jungle Road climbs higher up the hills until there’s a view of the dense jungle and sea down below, and you can see just how unspoilt the area is.

Jungle road view, San Pancho

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