Photo of the Week: Jordanian Breakfast

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Traditional western breakfasts bore me so I always love trying breakfasts around the world to find something that’s more to my taste. In India I love a spicy masala dosa, in Malaysia I was a fan of roti canai—flaky pancakes with dhal, and after our recent trip to Jordan I’ve now discovered the delights of a Middle Eastern breakfast.

This breakfast was selected from the Jordanian section of the extensive and wonderful breakfast buffet at the Kempinski Hotel in Aqaba on the Red Sea, but we had a variation of this everywhere.

Here’s what I ate (clockwise from the top):

  • Hummus—chickpea dip with tahini, lemon, garlic and olive oil. Popular mezze dish in Jordan.
  • Zaatar w zeit—dried thyme, sesame seeds and sumac mixed with olive oil. Often the herby mix was served separately from the oil and you mixed it up yourself.
  • Pitta bread. Flat bread of some kind is essential to every meal.
  • Labneh—strained yoghurt that has a creamy cheese consistency. Served in balls in olive oil.
  • Cherry tomatoes and cucumber
  • Feta cheese—oh so creamy. 
  • Olives

Simple, healthy and utterly delicious.

For more information about delicious Jordanian food see our vegetarian guide to Jordan.

Do you like Middle Eastern breakfasts? Leave a comment and tell us what other dishes we should look out for.

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24 thoughts on Photo of the Week: Jordanian Breakfast

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  4. I’ve been in South America for a month now and am starting to get a little tired of the standard almuerzo of soup, chicken and rice (except for the juice that comes with… it is usually spectacular). I would kill for some hummus, pita bread and kalamata olives right about now. Thanks for the reminder of what I’ve been missing… I think.

    • I don’t drink coffee but Simon usually had some. The options in Jordan were usually limited to Nescafe or super strong thick Turkish coffee, but the Kempinski Hotel where this was taken had espresso and cappuccino which made Simon happy 🙂

  5. This looks delicious! I’d be happy to have that as my breakfast. When I was in Hawaii last year, our hotel offered Japanese breakfast foods in the buffet, but I didn’t end up trying any – pickled vegetables just aren’t my thing in the morning.

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