Photo of the Week: Horse Riding on the Beach near Santa Catalina image

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Santa Catalina is an off the beaten track beach town on the Pacific coast of Panama. We didn’t actually make it into the town itself but stayed 10km outside at the Hibiscus Garden guest house. It wasn’t the most stunning beach we’ve seen (we aren’t fans of black sand) but it was deserted, blissfully quiet and stretched on for miles. Best of all we rented horses without a guide for just $15 for three hours and I got to realise my dream of riding on the beach. Galloping through the waves was exhilarating and we took a break for a swim in the sea.

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  1. I really love horse riding. I totally envy people who know to ride a horse. I trade anything just to experience how great it is to ride a horse and forgot to mention I’m dreaming to have a horse- like black beauty. I’ll be honest I cried reading the book.


    • It is wonderfully liberating not having a guide. The horses were in up to their stomachs as it was high tide and we had to go into the sea to get around some sections. We weren’t brave enough to actually swim with them, especially as we had a camera with us. They relaxed in the shade while we went for a dip.


  2. Ahh I haven’t been horse riding since… wow I can’t even remember when! It would have been around 1999/2000! The photo looks awesome! I’d love to ride along the beach!


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