Photo of the Week: Honeymoon Island

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  1. Hi Folks, Just want to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed following your travels in S.A. We are getting ready to go this fall for 2/3 months and see Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. I was curious why you skipped Ecuador.

    Just saw your honeymoon photo on Aitutaki. We got married on One Foot 10 years ago and it was a perfect setting.

    Good travels


    • Thanks Rick. We only skipped Ecuador because Simon got a lot of work in and we needed a base for a few months. There was nowhere in Ecuador that we wanted to spend that long – we needed fast internet and warmer weather – so we flew from Peru to Medellin. We didn’t have time to do the journey overland. I think we’ll go back though when we can afford the Galapagos.

      That must have been a lovely place to get married!

      Enjoy your trip!


  2. Thanks for the comments. It is a gorgeous place. When we look at the photos in rainy Manchester we can’t believe we were ever there!

    @Lindsay I would really recommend visiting the Cook Islands. They are much cheaper than Tahiti but we did find them more expensive than Fiji. Worth it though. Aitutaki has the stunning lagoon photographed above, but Atiu is an interesting island with few tourists that’s also worth checking out.

    @Joanne It would make a stunning painting. Let us know if you want any more photos of the island.


  3. Very beautiful! Was just talking about these islands last night as we strolled through Rotorua, NZ. It seems they’re quite cheap in comparison to Fiji, Tahiti and other polynesian island. Is that correct?


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