Photo of the Week: Hill Tribe Market in Chiang Dao image

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This week we headed off on our motorbike again for a much needed internet-free break in Chiang Dao, a small town a few hours from Chiang Mai. On Tuesday mornings the local hill tribes come to town and set up stalls selling neat piles of fruit, vegetables, dried chillies, household goods and the most unusual for us, the colourful clothes that the hill tribes wear. This lady was walking past one of these stalls, conveniently showing how the outfits are worn.

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  1. That’s more like it.

    Sometimes stories about the absence of Japanese Vegetarian eating coming from tourists to that country fails miserably to portray Japan as a desirable destination to experience vegetarian cuisine.

    Jeff Wattson,


  2. I know what you mean by getting away for an “internet free break.” After 3 months in an apartment, we are actually looking forward to getting back in the campervan for a break from wireless. Though I know such giddiness will be short-lived and we will soon be grumbling about hunting down access again. Love the photo. You guys are really making us miss that part of the world.


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