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We rented an apartment for a few weeks in Assalah, the Bedouin neighbourhood of the beach town Dahab in Egypt. Just ten minutes walk from the seafront strip of tourist restaurants and bars you enter another world.

Men in robes drink tea in tiny glasses and play backgammon outside cafes; burqa-clad women haggle for vegetables in the dusty shops; groups of gleeful children run through the streets alongside the goats.

Yes, goats! They run freely in the unpaved streets of this neighbourhood, munching on the rubbish that’s scattered everywhere. I was impressed to see them lining up to cross one of the few tarmacked roads in Assalah Square.

Here’s a few more photos of the goats. These ones are rummaging around one of the many unfinished building sites in the area:

Goats in Dahab, Egypt

These are resting in the shade on a typical broken pavement.

Goats in Dahab, Egypt

We may have found Dahab rather shabby but the goats definitely added some interest to our neighbourhood.

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  1. Love Dahab and love the goats. Each time I stay in Dahab I keep all my left overs for the goats. Dahab is unique and very special and for the past 13 years I would not be happy anywhere else. I rescued a beautiful Afrtcan wildcat from Dahab, Minnie and after a lot of hard work she is safely being spoiled rotten in Northern Ireland with me and my husband. Minnie is stunning and so clever, she is the boss over our Irish cats.
    I hope |I will always spend my holidays in Dahab, wonderful location with real nice people oh and the Goats


  2. I live in Dahab, I have made lots of goat friends :) there’s 1 in particular I spend time with, he jumps up and puts his legs on me shoulders and I have a chat with him. he’s got a right weird head and alien eyes.


  3. I’m completely weirded out that I came across this as I’m currently deciding where to spend a month or two next year in October-November…India, Egypt or Southeast Asia…and Dahab is the place that has been on my mind a lot! It sounds like exactly my kind of place, even with the presence of evil goats. Seriously, have you seen their pupils? THEY’RE RECTANGULAR. Too creepy.


    • No we didn’t notice their pupils! How bizarre! Now I need to find a goat and take a look…

      We actually preferred Southeast Asia to Dahab. The beaches are much better and it’s a lot cheaper. That said, we didn’t get to explore anywhere else in Egypt.


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