Photo of the Week: Fat Botero Sculpture in Medellin image

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One of our favourite free things to do in Medellin is wander around Plaza Botero in the centre of the city and admire the bulbous sculptures by local artist Fernando Botero. He is famous for his paintings and sculptures of fat people and there are plenty to see here.

This particular sculpture is called Hombre Caminante (Walking Man). Ouch!

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  1. I’m not one to know who makes what sculptures or paintings outside of the obvious. I just know what I like when I look at it and this guy looks awesome, i pity the poor guy hes standing on :)


    • I think Botero is a really accessible artist and his work is amusing. Everyone he paints is huge. In a nearby museum he even has a painting of a fat Jesus!


  2. I’m also a big Botero fan, altho his painting and sculpture seems to pop up in the oddest places, sometimes, and can be a bit freaky. Maybe that’s why I like it?


  3. I love Botero’s sculptures! Yesterday, I spotted one here in Dubai in front of the Burj Khalifa (The world’s tallest building). People were posing for photos in front of it. A little part of Colombia in the Middle East, imagine that!


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