Photo of the Week: Fairytale Palacio da Pena, Sintra image

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We enjoyed our trip to the Quinta da Regaleira in the hilltop town of Sintra so much that we went back this week to visit another of the fairytale palaces. The Palacio da Pena is even more extravagant with turrets, watch towers and battlements of pink, yellow and purple. Some may find it gaudy but we loved the over the top feel and playful creativeness.

This photo was taken from the Cruz Alta on a hill within the extensive Pena Park. It’s worth the walk up there for this panoramic view of the palace and the Sintra countryside.

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  1. Gorgeous photo! I’ve seen a few snaps of fairy tale palaces in Portugal recently – previously I hadn’t had it down as a place that had this kind of magic appeal to it, but my mind is a-changing. Thanks for sharing!


    • Sintra is reason enough to visit Portugal. We went back twice and there are still so many other palaces and the castle to see. It’d be a peaceful place to spend a few days.


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