Photo of the Week: Dragonfly at Royal Flora

This week we visited the Royal Flora horticultural show in Chiang Mai. Thousands of Thais visit the huge flower exposition but we were the only foreigners around. The site is immense with exhibitions from countries around the world (not quite Epcot but some pavilions were interesting). We preferred the greenhouses and flower displays on the outer edges of the park which is where we came across this dragonfly (at least we are guessing it’s a dragonfly!).

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5 thoughts on Photo of the Week: Dragonfly at Royal Flora

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  2. Thanks for the lovely photo. We wish to go there too. How did you get there? I read their might be a city shuttle bus and then, no info. Cost of a tuk or taxi? Thanks!

    • We went by motorbike. I think they do run shuttle buses but I’m not sure from where – I’m sure a travel agent in town would know. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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