Photo of the Week: Crazy Looking Sloth image

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We were extremely lucky to randomly come across this sloth, slowly making its way across a plaza in the busy city of Santa Cruz. This endangered animal is the most bizarre looking creature we have ever seen.

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  1. Love me some sloth, they are so adorable. I think it’s a type of animal that people either love or are freaked out by. I had the opportunity to see a sloth in Bolivia as well, it made me so happy.


  2. Random fact about sloth:
    Do you know… that a type of algae grows on a sloth’s fur and provides food for different types of (apparently non-parasitic) insects? One sloth was found with 900 beetles living on it… and apparently one type of moth is totally dependent on sloth fur for its life cycle to succeed :) A whole ecosystem is carried on a sloth’s back!

    Anyway, I’m going to stop nerding off here…cool pix of the sloth!


  3. Hey guys!!! Hope your keeping well!!! Thanks for all the posts! amazing photos-as usual! Love ya-your NY cousins Katie & gang xoxoxo


  4. Dude. I want a pet sloth. No, I’m just kidding, that thing looks like it would eat my dogs. But seriously, what a cool animal!

    I found your blog through Andi from My Beautiful Adventures. I’m looking forward to reading more!


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