Photo of the Week: Colourful Houses in Jardín, Colombia image

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One thing we love about Colombia is the colourful houses in the many small pueblos. Jardín was our favourite – you can read about our experiences there.

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  1. It reminds me of houses out of lego blocks! LOL Simple yet managed to be appealing. I wonder what’s the significance of having a colourful houses in their place. Of course aside of its pleasing to once eyes right.


  2. I love these little houses! It reminds me of Breckenridge, Colorado. Their buildings are colored purple, pink, aqua and all kids of beautiful colors. And I saw your previous post, I love the home feel of the Jardin Square (plaza). Thanks for sharing!


  3. Colorful houses always instantly make me like a place! If the locals can live with such vibrant colors, it usually mean they enjoy life. I love the blue door!


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