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Since we moved into our Chiang Mai apartment we have been spending a lot of time exploring the local markets, picking up fruit, vegetables and fresh noodles to cook in our kitchen. The produce here is wonderful – fresh and very cheap. This photo is of a typical vegetable stall at the Sompet Market within the old city. Limes, shallots, garlic and chillies in the foreground are essential for Thai cooking and we always keep them on hand. The white round vegetables just behind are Thai eggplant, they are crunchier than the purple eggplant and often used in red and green coconut milk curries.

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  1. Beautiful pictures from Ciang Rai of the White Temple and the Black House (Museum). Also very interesting comments. Could have spend more time there this January 2015. Thank for the details I have missed. Maryka.


  2. my wife is thai and has dual citizenship. she has 2 houses in thailand but i want to live where i have at least an ocean view. would that be possible on 3400 us a month?


  3. So disappointed that the fresh produce market near to where I live in Montreal has now closed down for the winter. It just feels better buying produce from an open air environment.


      • Hey I would be visiting in july 2013, I’m a 21 year old female student, studying medicine. I would be coming to volunteer at a hospital, I hope you would be able to assist me regarding the city? Can I add u on facebook, and may I have ur email address Miss Erin? If there is there anyone else here to assist me on this matter, please feel free to contact me.


  4. A fantastic photo. One of the great things I like about Thailand is getting up very early and visiting the morning markets, as you say lots of fresh produce and endless colour. Very nice.


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