Photo of the Week: Capybara in Bolivian Pampas image

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On our trip to the Pampas, a wetland area in Bolivia’s Amazon region we canoed past many capybara – the world’s largest rodent.

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  1. My name is Anthony Middleton and I….am a rodentaphobe!

    I am seriously scared of all things rodenty but I’m a believer getting over your fears. I don’t even know the logic behind this because I love animals. How big is this capybara? Never heard of it!


  2. We hand-fed capybaras at the Buenos Aires Zoo — even when we first confused them water rats that weren’t part of the zoo. Somewhat adorable, somewhat freaky, they’re like the Frankenstein of the rodent world.


    • The pampas are a great experience – getting so close to so many unusual animals was amazing. Hope you are still enjoying the Middle East!


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